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      Accolade on his NFL resume….  Today is a must win game in the sense that we need the win, we need the win at home and if we don't chances are that we will break a futility record. The record is 14 straight home losses and NO... it isn't by a Buccaneers team... The NFL record for consecutive home setbacks is 14, shared by the 1988-89 Cowboys and 2008-10 St. Louis Rams.A loss today would be #12 and then the G men and the Cowpokes come to RJS in Novemeber so that will probably be #'s 13 and 14. The possibility is that we will be gunning for the NFL home loss record against Atlanta on December 6th almost two years to the day since the last home win against Buffalo in 2013... Im a season ticket holder and have been to all these losses and its not acceptable.. Hopefully we can end the streak today... Go Bucs!

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      Eh, they’re probably going to win.That team has a reason or two to actually try. Tampa gives up and calls for mommie (david said) if they get blown up early.

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