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    • Donkey

      Post count: 147

      Saints fans pretty confident Winston will be better than Brady

    • jcaulfield8

      Post count: 747

      Was wondering where the knees went

    • JC5100

      Post count: 3233

      They made their decision with Hill contractually and when they started him last year. They can’t even sign Winston.

    • BucsFan83

      Post count: 294

      Better than Brady? Let me check championships by year…

    • TURBO

      Post count: 152

      That dude should be taken out back and beaten.

    • leeroybuc93

      Post count: 1375

      “If that one Super Bowl was worth sucking…” If that turns out to be the case, I assure you it was.

    • TropicOfCapricorn

      Post count: 3

      Saints fans will quickly learn that wishing Jameis fulfilled his potential is very different from Jameis fulfilling his potential.

    • Greattimes

      Post count: 913

      IF Jamies starts for the Saints, after 5 games where he has thrown 12 INT’s with 3 pick 6’s, he will be benched for good.

    • RudeGuy

      Post count: 2224

      Don’t they have to sign him first? The Saints will have to convince him to stay for pennies. I’m not sure the Jameis “ballin’” ego can take another 1 million dollar hit.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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