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      In atlanta: tampa is 2-0.

      Atlanta themselves: 0-7.

      Lmao. Too funny.

      Also Brady is 10-0 vs Atl in his career. Obviously the most epic & important being the 28-3 super bowl collapse.

      The South is ours for the first time since 2007!

    • Swash

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      Although clearly a rebuilding team and riding the last of Ryan for salary reasons.. I think they are going to build a team to last. Arthur Smith was a good hire for them. Way better than that moron in Carolina the kittens hired.

    • Trask Force

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      Can’t say I was too enamored with Smith’s decision to punt around midfield in the middle of the 4th quarter. If you watched the game, did you think you were watching a team who was fighting to the last breath for a playoff chance? Before the game, the Falcons had a 9% chance to make the playoffs, now hey are at 0.7%. Matt Ryan seemed like he knew the urgency of it, but I didn’t see that from the rest of that team or the coach. I really expected the Falcons to give the Bucs a run for their money, but if it wasn’t for that gift-wrapped pick-6 at the end of the half the Bucs dominated. But more than that, I didn’t see the Falcons emptying the playbook and pulling out all the stops like you should do if taking your last breath in the playoff race. If you are going to go down, do it loudly, not quietly.

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    • theknees

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      I liked the Smith hire for the Falcons but keeping Ryan to suffer through this time doesn’t make sense. They are still a long way away from competing.

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