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      Facing substantial corruption charges, Netanyahu went all-in on Trump. Ironic. Trump milked it for everything it was worth, reversing many prior policies, essentially crushing the Arab position and then trying to claim “peace in the Middle East” (lol)

      Still counting, but so far Netanyahu looks to have bet on the wrong horse and may now need the Arabs to form a government:

      “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not be able to form a government, according to preliminary results from 97% of the regular polling stations reported by the Central Elections Committee unless he gains support from the Arab-Islamist Ra’am Party.

      Netanyahu’s bloc of Likud, Shas, United Torah Judaism and the Religious Party was found to have won 59 seats along with Yamina, two short of a majority. Ra’am’s leader Mansour Abbas has collaborated in the past with Netanyahu and pro-Likud advocates are already working to legitimize the formation of a coalition with Arab support in the media.

      Abbas has justified working with Netanyahu and other Zionist parties if he can, in exchange, gain benefits for the Arab community which faces poor infrastructure, a growing murder rate and high unemployment.

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