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    • mdarby215

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      Seriously? This lady has lost sleep due to stress?

    • notabucsfan

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      I saw this. I do think what Brady did was kinda stupid and could of ended badly but if this is causing her to lose sleep I think she has way bigger problems going on in her head than Brady throwing the trophy. Did she miss it when Gronk used it to bunt a baseball and dented it?


        Post count: 2706

        Drunk people do stupid things?

        Shut the front door.

      • Anonymous

        Post count: 113

        Probably a replica

    • tampaspicer

      Post count: 3484

      Waaaaaaaa cry me a river lady

    • TURBO

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    • Culo Con Dientes

      Post count: 403

      What happens when she turns on the news?

    • kenntak

      Post count: 1249

      She needs to live in a bubble. I can see being ticked off at Brady for his conduct, but to lose sleep from stress WHEN NOTHING HAPPENED TO THE TROPHY. Are people that hyper-fragile or attention-starved?

      • Runole

        Post count: 2431

        Certain people live to declare themselves victims. truly sad!

    • rob

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      “Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht responded to a tweet that included the video of Grohs’ story from Cape Coral, Florida’s Fox4 with a GIF of Warren Oates as Sgt. Hulka in the movie “Stripes” saying, “Lighten up, Francis.”

      Brady may owe the owners of THIS trophy (Buccaneers as a team) an apology but he owes her nothing. Since he is one of the main reasons the Buccaneers have it in the first place, I would say he doesn’t even owe the team one.

    • RudeGuy

      Post count: 2224

      Look at all the crazy shit hockey players do with the Stanley Cup. Get over it lady. If it would have fallen in the water we have some of the best divers and equipment in the world in order to retrieve it. Of course Tom would have had to pay the bill. lol

      • Wutt

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        The bucs already had a dive team on boats behind the parade to go get it if it fell into the river.

    • FireLicht2020

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      Slow news cycle

    • Richie Cartman

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      Imagine this making you so upset you can’t sleep at night with all the shit that’s going on in the world right now.

    • Diehard Astheycome

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      I had to see if this was on here.

      Maybe Brady can send her another cat.
      Her dad didn’t even make that one. I don’t know when he last made an actual Lombardi.

    • creamsicles

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      If an artisan is emotionally connected to his/her work, he/she should keep it for him/herself. Once an item is sold, the use of that item is at the discretion of the recipient, unless there is a contract for terms of use.

      Don’t take the money, then cry about it later… I understand it’s the child trying to protect her father’s legacy, but still…

      The bigger question to me is why is this even considered newsworthy. Now that I think about it, my biggest question is why did i just sacrifice a few minutes of my time on such a worthless topic… must already be bored in the offseason :-)

    • BP1

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      No concerns with me. I know Gronk would have jumped in after it for sure LOL.

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