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      Ok, this time I am going all in. I should have taken the money line last week but instead I had a few parlays that fizzled out. I only gamble for fun, but I prefer to use house money. Gambling is legal in my jurisdiction, so it’s all good. If you decide to gamble always make sure you are not betting more than you can afford to lose. My take is that the Bucs can win this game. The way I see it, Houston has an advantage on the defensive side, and we also have an advantage when our defense is on the field, barring some unforseen events this should be a defensive struggle.I believe that the tie-breaker is going to be QB play. Whichever QB can lead their team on some solid drives and get any kind of scores should win. So, I am betting on Jameis Winston to get it done over Ryan Mallet. Our OL is a work in progress, but their OL is even worse because of injuries. We should be able to pressure Mallet into making plenty of mistakes. Jameis needs to put his game manager cap on for this matchup.I have the Bucs in two separate bets. I have taken the money line and I have got them in a parlay along with NE, Seattle, and Arizona to win. NE is at home vs. Jacksonville. Seattle is at home vs. the Bears and Arizona is at home vs. the 49ers. I see the other three games as gimmes, so I just need the Bucs win to clean it up. I dont usually do four game parlays, but I got great value on this one.I am leaning heavily on the Bucs to win this week. I did not take the points spread. I am going all in for the win. I think Vegas has this game all wrong. The spread should be more like 2-3 points instead of 6.5, or maybe even closer to even with all of the Texans injuries. I believe the spread in the Bucs game is the best value on the board this week, but I am expecting them to win.I have one other play for the week, and if it hits I wont need the Bucs to win and can still cash in. It's a three team parlay with Indy, NYJ, and the Rams to win. Indy is on the road vs. Tennessee. I am guessing this is exactly the defense Andrew Luck needs to play against to get back on track. Indy is 0-2 but have played against two very good defenses. Tennessee is not that good on defense, and I think everyone has gotten the Tennessee offense figured out. The Browns have given everyone the blueprint on how to beat the Titans offense. Indy should get their first win here.The NYJ are looking really solid. Their defense is good and Ryan Fitzpatrick has Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall to throw to. Fitzy has never looked so good. They should roll up the Eagles quite easily. The Eagles are looking like one of the worst teams in the NFL at present. Sam Bradford is a disaster and they traded a perfect RB for that system and got two RBs who don't fit it. They have been really bad on defense as well. And then there is the Rams taking on the Steelers at home. This one scares me a bit because Pitt has a good offense, but the Rams are a fast team and they are built for dome play, something Vegas does not take into account. The Rams are very solid at home, and I think their all-star defensive front will get to Roethlisberger and pressure him into making mistakes. Hopefully they can hold on down the stretch for the victory.

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