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      Here we go guys.. Tampa football team..

    • kenntak

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      Tampa “Football” team is a horrible name. Football glorifies combat and punishment. It encourages demeaning others through trash talking. It encourages attempts to draw penalties which is a form of deceit and misrepresentation. It makes good hitting and tackling something to be proud of. End zone celebrations happily take place at the expense of the downtrodden other team. Football is modern day gladiatorial combat. Gladiators killed each other and were slaves and criminals. I object to calling the team Tampa “Football” team.

      As crazy as the above sounds, 5 years ago many would have said the news article was ridiculous. Come to think of it, I would not doubt that within 10 years there will be people seeking to ban the sport of football totally in its current form, as a backward institution that glorifies violence.

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      the washington post be salty

    • Roy

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      We need a nice safe mascot. Hows this? I love you! You love me! Lets win the Superbowl Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk!

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