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    • rm71

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      We’ve all noted that, during the last TB-KC game, Todd Bowles adjusted in the second half, with less blitzing and more 2-deep coverage, with considerable success. But it’s also worth noting that KC, to some extent, took its foot off the gas pedal, as many teams do with a lead.

      Here’s the dilemma. If you blitz Mahomes, he’s deadly – 16 TDs/1 INT this season. And if you devote more players to coverage, but don’t generate pressure, he can also be successful because Hill and Kelce and others are great at getting open on improvised plays that take time to develop. KC has long-play improvisation down to a science. So, the key is pressure with four d-linemen — give Mahomes LESS TIME while dropping more players into coverage. This time around, the Bucs have a great new asset. Take a look at this rating from PFF:

      Highest-graded DT’s of 2020:

      1. Aaron Donald – 93.1
      2. Vita Vea – 90.3
      3. Jeffery Simmons – 90.1
      4. Cameron Heyward – 88.7
      5. Shelby Harris – 86.9

      Vea, based on his five-game sample, is just a tick under the most dominant defensive player in the league, a DT who enables his team to pressure with four by drawing (and often beating) double-teams. Vea does the same.

      If Vea and Suh collapse the middle, and JPP and Shaq regularly beat the Chiefs’ replacement tackles, Mahomes should have far less time to throw, cutting off the long balls that power KC. Sure, Andy Reid can scheme into shorter pass plays, but that, as others have pointed out, is an Achilles Heel for KC. They are just not that good at dink and dunk (e.g., 16th in Red Zone scoring).

    • FireLicht2020

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      Any team that can generate pressure rushing 4 will play winning football.

      Good post but also obvious

    • Biggs3535

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      We’ve all noted that, during the last TB-KC game, Todd Bowles adjusted in the second half, with less blitzing and more 2-deep coverage, with considerable success.

      Do we really think Andy Reid won’t have a plan for this on Sunday? I’m guessing he will.

      Obviously, it would be great to get pressure with just four. But blitzing will definitely be called for, even if it’s just sending one extra pass-rusher. I want to see White flying through the A-gap forcing Mahomes off of his spot – and maybe even blasting him once or twice.

    • chad1336

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      They key is not to just generate pressure with 4 down linemen but to also be aggressive in challenging underneath routes and having two deep safeties taking away the deep pass. If we can do that, we stand a good chance of winning. Having said that, we can only hope to slow down the chiefs offense and hope our own offense can score more than theirs. All obvious again lol.

    • kenntak

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      The key is also confusion, as well as playing smart, with discipline. Most certainly Reid has a few trick plays and new wrinkles he will be adding. Those things can be devastating like Winston’s TD pass in the Saints game. Have to be careful.

    • Hockey Duckie

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      Going into the Super Bowl, our DLine is better than their OLine as KC’s OLine has a lot of original starters out.

      Can our DLine wreck enough havoc on their own to disrupt Mahomes? That will matter if we’re going into man cover-2/shade both Hill and Kelce.

    • Greattimes

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      Mahomes is deadly after he escapes pressure, and he does that a lot.

    • JC5100

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      Bucs drew 4 holding calls in the 2nd half last game vs the Chiefs. If the refs keep the flags in their pocket it might be tough. Last year the Chiefs should have lost but the refs didn’t flow the flag when they held Bosa on their big play to Hill down 10.

    • mdarby215

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      On the NFL Network radio broadcast today they made an interesting prediction. They said the Bucs may simply rush 3 with Vea collapsing the interior line. That would allow 8 in coverage. They felt the Bucs could get pressure with three.

    • Tampa Bay Todd

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      JPP, Shaq and Devin White all are in the plus category for betting for sacks with the number set at 0.5. Thinking of putting some money on each to get at least 1 sack with backup tackles on the KC offensive line.

    • kenntak

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      Rushing 3 would be interesting, with a 4th occasionally blitzing from another direction. Strangely, as that video analysis of Mahomes indicated, sometimes when he has too much time, he does not know where to go with the ball. He thrives on instinct, improvisation, and big plays, and in situations where he can’t use that, he becomes less stellar.

    • buc-in-out

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      Shaq, Vea, and JPP with their hands in the dirt with Devin White blitzing over Vea’s double team while we play 3 safeties and 3 corners seems like it’d be an interesting look on 2nd and long.

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