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    • Sam Ram 33

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      I will play fantasy GM for a minute… Why not give the Niners a call and see what they want for Robbie Gould…. I realize trades aren’t big in the NFL, but I do feel over the last few years they are becoming more and more possible. I’m sure a 5th round pick would do it… They are rebuilding and would love an extra pick…

      Another option I guess would be to scoop up Cairo Santos when he gets back from his injury… However, It may not matter if we have to go another 4-6 games with Folk.

      That is about the extent of my kicking knowledge.

    • Timbuc2

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      I’m not worried about Folk. He had a bad day and everybody has one sometime.

      He is proven in this league and he can do the job. We should be worried
      about this defense right now!

    • Bucman

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      Just sign one. It’s amazing how bad we’ve been at finding one.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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