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    • FsstNfurios

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      Last Sunday when he made a great play on the Saints RB and immediately started barking at Kamara on the sideline along with some serious finger pointing lol, saying “I want YOU! I want YOU!”

      I was like damn is that Sapp or Lavonte lol. I will never forget that, pissed off Lavonte is AWESOME!!!


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      Lvd knew playoff football was long overdue in Tampa!

      Will become the norm as long as the GOAT is here!

    • Detrimental

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      Yeah I aint ever see LVD talk shit like that before. Guy was having a good ole time. When your winning and confident you tend to talk more lol

    • Mic

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      I wish I knew who he was talking too tbh lol that’s a great NFL moment. We’ll probably see that on our Super Bowl DVD

    • leeroybuc93

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      I’m glad you all noticed that too! I was like, “What the hell got into Lavonte? I’ve never seen him do that!” But I loved it!

      • Sactobuc

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        Devin White has gotten into LD.

        The attitude the DW brings is contagious and the bookend LB’s we have are awesome 54-45 come get some.

    • TBChucky

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      I’m sure he’s having a TON of fun lately! He finally has a team that can match his level of play.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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