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    • Vance

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    • Mic

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      Still the better runner waking up lol

      • BuccaNOLEer

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        But not the better all around back.

    • buccnation

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      I disagree. Fournette was nothing spectacular in the passing game. He dropped too many balls. Give me Jones over Fournette all day.

    • buc-in-out

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      I feel like Fournette will be looking to get paid. We have too many more important FAs, if he wants to come back at $3 million again sure, but I have a feeling he’s looking to re-coup some of that guaranteed money he lost in Jax.

      Fournette and Rojo have similar styles, they’re both power runners. I’d love to replace Lenny with James White. Bring in a receiving back who pass blocks like a TE, let Rojo handle the early down work with Vaughn and James White can play 3rd down. That’s a complimentary backfield.

      Lenny made some decent catches and moved the chains, but he also stone handed a bunch of balls on 3rd downs as well.

    • Bucman

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      He won’t be back. He wants to get paid and he can get the money he wants elsewhere. We can sign or draft someone for a lot cheaper.

    • KyBucfan51

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      Good for him get that comp pick!

    • theknees

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      Both good backs. Not sure one is “better” than the other. Jones is cheaper. So if Fournette gets froggy on the needs front, it’s an easy decision to cast him aside. Not to be impersonal but, RBs are a dime a dozen.

    • RHBucsFan

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      Damn guys, lots of ungrateful takes on a dude that helped get us to the promised land.

    • buc-in-out

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      ^Lets not kid ourselves, I would have scored that 27 yard TD in the SB. He didn’t get touched!

      Love what Fournette did down the stretch, but I have a feeling he’s looking for $6-7 million a year, and I hope he gets that somewhere else so we can get the comp pick!

      I actually really like the idea of replacing Fournette with Adrian Peterson. I honestly feel there wouldn’t be that big a drop off. AP’s lost his top gear but the guy’s a fucking specimen, he averaged 3.9 YPC last year on a putrid Lions team. I watched a few Lions games, man even at 36 he still has juice. Behind our Oline with Brady under center, I honestly believe he could crack 1000 yards. The guy’s never hurt either.

      If we could bring in AP AND James White for the price of 1 Fournette, it’s a no brainer to me.

    • aquilus

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      Fournette put in the work to make sure he has a market next year

      He earned himself a well deserved payday in a place who will feature him

      Good luck Leonard and thanks for helping to make this a great season

    • CyberDilemma

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      2021 will be RoJo’s last year on his rookie contract so he will be looking for a big payday next year, too.

    • BucBalla85

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      Jones was better during the regular season but Fournette was better in the playoffs. I honestly think he was just the hot hand at the time. Hes also been more reliable imo in the pass game and possibly even blocking as well. Not surprising he got the bulk during the playoffs.

    • Swash

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      4 mil for Lenny. Tops. The unfortunate truth for running backs is they aren’t nearly as valuable in the current era as they has been in years passed. One of those positions where building through the draft is ALWAYS the best option financially.

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