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      Compared to last year, any OC would instantly make the Bucs a better team.That being said, DK is clearly well qualified for this role.Here's my takeaway: “But just the game plan, the knowledge and experience he has, and being able to adjust (will help the team).”Last season, the offense had no leader, from the (de facto) coordinator on down. This season, the offense has a bona fide leader. Logic dictates that this will pay big dividends. 

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    • jeebz116

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      We should see a lot more screens this year too – tunnel, bubble, screens to the backs and even the tight ends.There should also be plenty of quick passes like slants and curls as well. These will all supplement the run game, and open up the deep passes.Then DK will just have to be a good play caller and make in game adjustments, and this offense could be pretty effective.I think what will separate us from effective to be really good is if we can run the ball in the red zone.Bottom line, we will be able to sustain drives and rest our defense. We should be able to put up 24 - 27 ppg. If so, we'll win 10 games.

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