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      Meadows reversed course, halting his “cooperation” with the Jan 6th commission. He did so in a letter from his attorney that has him (absurdly) asserting executive privilege BUT MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY (and incredibly) saying this in the letter (in quotes) abut why he was reversing course:

      “Meadows’ about-face is due in part to learning over the weekend that the committee had “issued wide ranging subpoenas for information from a third party communications provider,” the letter notes.

      “As a result of careful and deliberate consideration of these factors, we now must decline the opportunity to appear voluntarily for a deposition,” Terwilliger writes.


      He’s basically saying, “I cant go to the committee and lie because the committee is seeking my text messages . . . WITH TRUMP and others.

      From an earlier report:

      “Meadows, who was subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on Jan. 6, was reportedly “100 percent made aware of what was going on,” according to planners of the rally. The committee has recently demanded to know whether Meadows was using a private cell phone on Jan. 6 and has asked where his text messages from that day are.


      “Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday threatened to use a future GOP majority to punish companies that comply with the House’s Jan. 6 investigators, warning that “a Republican majority will not forget.””

    • BucsBits

      Post count: 2039

      And just like that . . From Large Marge Taylor Greene:

      “AT&T complying with Democrat’s Communist style invasion of privacy by handing over peoples personal cell phone data to the fake J6 committee is the absolute worst unconstitutional mistake!!!

      Democrats MUST pay a steep price and I will work with my colleagues to make it happen.”

      the rats are scrambling

      Bannon (already arrested)
      David – taking 5th
      Eastman – taking 5th

      what do they all have in common?

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