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    • Vance

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      Seems like he was almost a Buccaneer. I particularly think Lynch is over the hill, but that is me.

    • BadabingBucs

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      I’m telling you that Dan Marino is going to be our third string QB this year.

      Why else do you think that Gabbert and Griffin haven’t been re-signed?

      Tampa Bay….where you go to win Championships baby!

    • Greattimes

      Post count: 900

      I heard that Johnny Unitas was going to be resurrected so he could be signed as the 3rd string QB.

    • m_j

      Post count: 538

      I‘m all in @ Ryan Leaf!

    • BuccaNOLEer

      Post count: 882

      LOL, love the commentary about rejuvenating retired players and even resurrecting a dead one.

      On a more serious note, this guy is washed up and has a bad attitude. Plus with Playoff Lenny back in the fold and the addition of Gio Bernard, we’re pretty much set at RB. Thanks, but no thanks.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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