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    • TCB2W!

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      “It couldn’t happen to a better guy,” Pagano said, “B.A.’s easy to root for, man. I’m gonna be rooting really, really hard for him.”

      Pagano called his friend a few days ago with this message:

      “Hoist that damn trophy, dance under that confetti with your family, and get the hell right to the damn hills. And just start enjoying life, and get yourself another 20, 25 years of great health raising them grandkids.”

      Pagano chuckled and said: “He laughed. He said, ‘nah Cuz, you know I’ll be doing this forever.’ ”

    • m_j

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      if he wins us SB I’m gonna be fine with that :-)

      do not forget, he already won one SB in ray jay ….

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