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    • Bucman

      Post count: 1198

      I love this guy. He’s willing to take less money to keep the team together.

    • Lawdy

      Post count: 782

      hes got that ring fever

    • TURBO

      Post count: 155

      If he does, more will follow…


      I hope Gronk plans to take a pay cut and play another year…

    • BucsFan83

      Post count: 294

      This guy makes the HoF period. I’m so glad we have had ME all this time.

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1832

      So happy for Mike Evans. Really hoping others follow his lead and give up a little personal finance for overall team success. Would be great to see Licht bring all the pieces back for another run.


      Post count: 2749

      Awesome news.

      Brate should too.

    • J.A.S.H.E.R.

      Post count: 3077

      If only Tyler Johnson would do the same.

      (Lightning’s Tyler Johnson)

    • Anonymous

      Post count: 113

      If everyone affected has the same attitude, it will cut down painful decisions that have to be made.

    • Mic

      Post count: 1862

      One of the main reasons Tom Brady is who he is, he takes less money for rings

    • BChaves8

      Post count: 294

      God I love Mike.

      Fun fact…The GF got me a Mike Evans Jersey last year (Alarm Clock Numbers). Didn’t wear it once last year. I wore it 4 times this year, each playoff game and obviously never lost, therefore I will never wear it again.

      Anyone have experience with having jerseys or other items signed by players? I would love to have it singed and put it on my wall for the rest of my natural life.

    • KyBucfan51

      Post count: 239

      We got team players folks enjoy the next couple years.

    • BuccaNOLEer

      Post count: 980

      Gotta love this guy. Willing to sacrifice his money for another ring.

Viewing 11 reply threads
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