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      Thomas%20Jones%20Red%20Phantom-480x371.jpgFrank%20Gore%20Maserati.jpg[img][/img]Dear Players:  SUCK IN UP, AND SHUT UP.I've been an active fan of the game since the mid 60's.  Back in the day, Players were known to play with brass knuckles, and shivs, or anything else they could put in their sock and maul somebody.  And you know what else they used to talk about?  CONCUSSIONS.  Yeah..way back in 1968.  They knew about it, and got paid CRAP money, and they did it anyway.The fact is, NFL Football is a violent sport. (no matter how they have tried to puss it down in the last 15 years)The other fact is, Every player that auditions (yes, auditions) and is accepted (employed)  KNOWS THAT CONCUSSIONS ARE PART OF THE GAME.  EVERY ONE OF THEM. AND THEY STILL SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE.The only thing different, is that while the players back in the day were paid what a McDonalds manager makes now.  NOW they earn tens of millions of dollars...which is supposed to assist with medical issues post football, or at least, that is what the NFLPA said decades ago when they got their huge raise.Speaking of Huge raise, do you know what a solid payroll percentage is in the Business world?  9 to 13% of gross revenue.NLF players receive over 48% of the gross revenue.  You heard it right, the employees make almost as much as the owners of the teams and the game.  (their game)People, this Concussion crap is nothing more than a slowly planned money grab.Let these multi-multi-multi Millionaires use some of their own salaries to invest in some high quality Post-Football Medical Insurance, sponsored by the Players Union. If not, offer every player who disagrees the option to either quit, or continue on without the opportunity to sue.Why do so many of you folks worry so much about these multi multi multi millionaires, and their failure to not purchas their own supplemental insurance??

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      Concussions aren’t the issue. Long term health effects are. Perhaps you should try researching the issue before commenting.

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      Concussions aren't the issue. Long term health effects are. Perhaps you should try researching the issue before commenting.

      I thought that was a given.  do me a favor and send me a message to remind me to dumb down my next post, just for you.

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