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    • creamsicles

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      Do you think it’s better for him to bulk up to back up Gholston or stay in his present role? I think he could have more value with a switch since he doesn’t appear to have the enough speed to edge rush or power to bull rush effectively.

      Just spitballing ways for him to realistically help this team.

      FWIW, there’s a couple more Edge guys I’d consider in R2… even after Tryon. I still see Edge value on the Board and would be willing to trade up for such a high impact position.

    • Alldaway 2.0

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      It was discussed when he was drafted if he would be a 5 tech.

      I think they might try that but then again O’Connor and Ledbetter are holding down backup roles behind Gholston.

      Build the trenches!

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