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    • Scott Reynolds

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    • FLBoy84

      Post count: 25

      Pimpin’ that Baker release as a scoop SR… smh. Shame, Shame, Shame.

    • Pennywise

      Post count: 10270

      horrible draft,some older then normal rookies, too hard on small school prospects

    • Soul Bro

      Post count: 323

      I like it. Licht has some serious holes to fill in FA, but I think this draft addresses core areas.

    • Detrimental

      Post count: 1598

      I love the draft. Not because I’m sold on Vea and the kid from OU so much but it adderesses the weakest spots on the team. We need some juice across the DL and those prospects are solid. I feel like we could trade back in both round 1 or 2 and still be in range to get them at better vaule. But if it plays out like this I can’t complain too much. Get some DL worth a damn next to McCoy. Took nearly a decade later.

      Chubb is excellent value there

    • creamsicles

      Post count: 638

      love this draft, partially because I think Chubb isn’t getting the love he deserves, like I thought on Godwin last year. I think he’s a first round worthy talent and that he won’t get close to the third round (thought same on Godwin), but who knows since he has injury issues and RBs often slide. maybe slide down a little for Vea, which would provide the ammo to move up for Chubb.

      I see 4 immediate starters in this draft which I view as an excellent draft. My top priority is both trenches and this addresses both.

      If I’m to nitpick, I’d look to add more OL and DL later since I think there are some high potential developmental guys to go along with secondary piece(s). This is far better than the last Reynolds draft where I thought he was drinking with Licht.

    • Brooks Dunn-Winston

      Post count: 565

      Great draft. Vea and Okoronkwo are a great 1-2 punch.

      • Anonymous

        Post count: 6

        Did no one else research another Washington DT that was overweight and didn’t play every down in college? Danny Sheldon went 11th overall and college numbers etc similar to Vea and guess what he didn’t pan out either. If u are forcing a dline pick at 7 Payne from Alabama is a far greater prospect in my eyes. First reason is he plays every down

    • zothhh0

      Post count: 187

      I think it’s a fantastic mock, and if our real draft is anything like it I’ll be ecstatic.

    • Buccaholic

      Post count: 175

      Decent mock. My only criticism is drafting a SS, LB and RB late. There are really no needs for a SS or a LB. I would rather see CB and DL drafted in place of SS and LB. And to be quite honest, I’d take a flyer on Quinton Flowers, QB – USF, before drafting another camp body RB.

    • Hank Scorpio

      Post count: 394

      I don’t really pay much attention to mocks until FA is pretty much over, but if this mock were accurate it would mean Licht bombed in FA imo. I like the 2nd rd pick, but the 1st and 3rd… eh.

      One player I’d love to see us pick up in a late rd (assuming he’s still there) is Antonio Callaway. 1st rd talent but is likely a 5th-7th rd pick. Would be nice to grab/stash/develop while we get 1 more yr from Desean Jackson this year. Then plug him in with Evans and RodGod at WR in 2019 and we’ve got a talented young WR core

    • Anonymous

      Post count: 1309

      Could be a steal to get Callaway late.

    • NotDeadYet

      Post count: 1291

      If Chubb were faster, he’d surely go earlier. We’d have a chance at him in round 3, but if we really want him, trading up would be wise.

    • bucboi813

      Post count: 220

      Putrid draft I’d be sick to my stomach I say no to veta

    • xbucsx_4_xevax

      Post count: 1336

      this mock is great with the exception of Vea and Chubb..rather have Fitzpatrick and either Ronald Jones or hell that kid from Gramblin he looks explosive..ove the SS Neal he hits hard and covers very well..this draft would be a slam dunk

    • Buc45

      Post count: 205

      I really like this mock…Love that safety video. He just seems to anticipate and play the ball really well…and he is physical.

    • BucD

      Post count: 1107

      I don’t get the Vea hype. Sorry, I’m not a big fan of using a top ten pick on a two-down player.

      I’m hoping that Mo Hurst’s “heart condition” is nothing. The guy is a monster! His get off is ridiculous and it reminds me of McCoy and Donald’s get off. If Chubb or Nelson isn’t there, and Hurst’s checkup shows nada, it’s gotta be Hurst, IMO.

      Worst case, take one of the DBs or trade down. No Vea for me, though. I’m just not a fan.

    • watson

      Post count: 129

      Love the Vea and Okoronkwo picks. One thing that you hear over and over again from QBs is how much they hate getting pressure up the middle. Pairing Vea with McCoy would definitely push that pocket back into the QB.

      For those that are not on board with going DT, IIMC it was not that long ago that some on here were down on the idea of drafting Aaron Donald.

    • Biggs3535

      Post count: 6698

      Mar 12, 18 at 8:07 am #1066691

      For those that are not on board with going DT, IIMC it was not that long ago that some on here were down on the idea of drafting Aaron Donald.

      Yeah, SR tried selling that bill of goods about Sheldon Rankins. Sheldon Rankins was/is no Aaron Donald, and neither is Vea. And FTR, I wasn’t opposed to Donald. It was clear he wrecked offenses constantly and consistently. That wasn’t Rankins – or Vea.

      I’d love some of the Vea fanboi’s to address the fact that he only played 62% of his college snaps. That’s against younger and weaker competition. Do you fellas expect that percentage to go up once he starts competing against grown men with man-strength on every snap?

    • seanbassak

      Post count: 127

      I’m a fan, SR. It addresses needs and gets good players. I don’t know much about Okoronkwo, to be honest and I don’t personally see Chubb being there in the third but I’m not the end all be all.

    • Hank Scorpio

      Post count: 394

      Assuming Chubb is gone at 7 (and we don’t trade back) and if FA plays out like I think it will with us for sure signing a Guard, RB, and CB, I think we draft Derwin James in the 1st and then one of the talented DL that inevitably falls out of the 1st rd at #38. I’m thinking Mo Hurst could be there because of his heart condition scaring everyone away. If everything checks out medically, he’d be a huge steal (literally and figuratively). Other potential players I’m thinking could/would still be there are Sam Hubbard, Arden Key, & Okoronkwo.

      TBH, outside of Chubb there is no “MUST HAVE” pass rusher in this draft, so waiting until the 2nd rd to address that position while we add a premium talent at another position of need in the 1st makes a lot of sense.

    • Graham

      Post count: 1768

      I approve of this mock and strategy. Address the offensive line and secondary in free agency. Address the defensive line and RB early in the draft. I feel like that’s the most efficient route to success for this franchise.

    • casren

      Post count: 300

      I wonder how this will change after we essentially signed 2 DT’s?

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