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      It was a good week for people on the whole, with a number of people turning their season around.  Dead on target were ghost, buccaneers4ever, GholdsonAges, and Uncle Stan (who dedicated to his return to his dog Poppy (i believe its name was).  In one week, they got it right more than our team has in two years so congratulations to them.  Sammich, a first times to the predictions, won the weekly title by predicting 248 yards passing for Winston (who got 287, not including YAC for defenders).To hold the seasonal championship throne, you need to have participated in over half the weeks, so while it should be noted BucPride05 has a 6-2 record, he'll (I assume he) be eligible after this week.  At present, DCGoth holds that crown with an 11-5 record (68.75%).  Remember it's just for fun and bragging rights, and the more who participate, the more fun I think it is, so hope y'all do it again next week.  Should be noted that creamsicles' brain went 2-2 and he deserves a nod of respect for taking one for the team and not turning his back on the Bucs with his pick...unlike what I did.As always, if you think I made a mistake somewhere, let me know and I'll be happy to check.Seasonal Crown:  DCGoth  (3-1)  (11-5)  68.75%Weekly Title Holder:  Sammich  4-0    (4-0)  100%Others:4-0:BucPride05              (6-2)    (75%)ghost                      (8-4)    (66.67%)GholdsonAges          (10-6)  (62.5%)buccaneers4ever      (8-8)    (50%)Uncle Stan              (4-0)3-1:bil_kir                      (8-4)    (66.67%)Ghalnan                  (8-4)    (66.67%)blitzlimped              (8-4)    (66.67%)revfish                    (9-7)    (56.25%)nitey                      (9-7)    (56.25%)pennywise              (9-7)    (56.25%)Sailing2smith          (3-1)2-2:STULAAKE              (8-8)        (50%)DonkeyHunter        (8-8)        (50%)replica                    (5-7)        (41.67%)1-3:dotASC                    (6-6)        (50%)creamsicles*            (5-11)      (32.25%)So I have a record of their picks:Those who did not pay this past weekJason of the Tower  7-5TampaBucs05    4-4Hayseed    2-2wreckship  2-2Hoist the Flag    2-2blindmelon    0-4Haven't played in two weeks but still welcomeHate 4-4BucPride  0-4

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