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      NFL Offseason Madness: Two Seahawks try something new   Sid Saraf  Fox SportsJune 3  2014  The start of the 2014 NFL training camps are just around the corner, which means that the offseason is winding down. And while players are getting ready for the grind of the regular season, they're cramming in the last bit of fun. So, what is everyone up to? Let's take to social media and find out what's going on. mad_zps17a6be5b.gif1. Justin GilbertCaption: "Time for work @jmanziel2 #Dawgpound #MoneyTeam" The Browns' rookie cornerback is at the team facility for OTAs. Good time. Oh, hey ... that guy sitting to his left looks familiar, right? Indeed, that's the other famous rookie in Cleveland, Johnny Manziel.mad1_zps8c421e75.gif 2. Wesley Woodyard Caption: "Check out Tennessee Titans linebacker Wesley Woodyard getting some R&R with his little mini-me! Can it get any cuter?!"Well, as the caption says, it's Wesley Woodyard sawing logs with his adorable son attached to his chest. And I agree, it can't get any cuter. mad2_zps3a31555c.gif3. Russell Wilson Caption: "What a night listening to @lionelrichie and to top it off... Heath!!!!!" The Seahawks quarterback is a big star now. How big? Enough to get his picture taken with Nicole Richie's dad as former teammate Heath Farwell joins in. Good stuff. mad3_zps231cc0cf.gif4. Orlando Franklin Caption: "Me And Terrance Howard last night on the red carpet at the rally for kids charity event." The Broncos' offensive lineman is one giant man. How big? Check out how the famous actor Terrence Howard needs two hands to grab just one of Franklin's.mad4_zpse3db53f5.gif 5. Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman Caption: "Historic day for me today. Got my first pedicure. Look who decided to join." Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is dipping his toes into a new pool. And what better way to experience your first pedicure than by getting a friend to come along for the ride? mad5_zps001a2b31.gif6. CJ Spller Caption: "You never know what type of ballon hat you will get when u come to jim Kelly golf tourney thanks to @wendyhaskell .#jimkellygolftourney" The Bills running back is playing a little golf at Jim Kelly's charity tournament and it looks like he's wearing a birthday clown's nightmare on his head. mad6_zps9b95ce2b.gif7. Aaron Williams Caption: "Goofin around having a great time at #JimKelly Celebrity Classic" Speaking of Jim Kelly's charity golf tournament, the Bills defensive back is there with a different piece of bizarre headwear. And doing a dance of some kind. mad7_zpse8e6c580.gifmad8_zps1f37f157.gif8. Phil Taylor Caption: "Pure beauty"I know nothing about cars, so I can't tell you exactly what we're looking at here. All I know is that I want to drive it fast. And I'm sure the Browns' defensive tackle does, too. So awesome. mad9_zps51e35289.gif9. Patrick Willis Caption: "Went fishing this evening and didn't catch any fish but something was hungry Froggy! He lucky this wasn't back in 92 he would have had to come on home to grandmas skillet. @oreywillis5 @ernickawillis #justlivingandbeingme #blessed #humbled." The 49ers linebacker is a believer of the "catch and release" policy. That's generous. Mr. Frog, it seems you've been given a reprieve. mad99_zps2196096f.gif10. Vernon Davis Caption: "Kindergarten and now headed to first grade. Congrats son!"Willis' 49ers teammate Vernon Davis has a son he's very proud of. Who wouldn't be?

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