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    • Brooks Dunn-Winston

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      All four QBs are gone in the top 6 as are Barkley and Chubb. And no trade backs in any rounds.

      This is what I want:

      1st rd: Nelson G – let’s help JW
      2nd rd: Chubb RB – might be the best RB in the draft, power, speed, and remarkable shiftyness
      4th rd: Tolliver CB – has tons of talent, needs to put all together
      5th rd: PT Hall DT – depth to the trenches
      6th rd: Ostman EDGE – depth to the trenches
      6th rd: Ito Smith RB – change of pace back, great pass catcher
      7th rd: BPA

    • Ft Myers Buc Fan

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    • Brooks Dunn-Winston

      Post count: 565

      Let’s fix the offense and then take it from there.

    • zothhh0

      Post count: 187

      Think Hall will be there in the 5th? Hope you’re right but I doubt it.

    • buccaneerNW

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      yes, trade back… It’s the only way we can seriously expect to fill the holes.

      We need starters at RB, CB, OG, and probably S
      We need quality depth at RB, CB, DE, DT

      To get close to that quality (I’m not expecting much from round 6 and 7), we need to add a 3rd rounder and perhaps a 2nd rounder (by round 1 trade back)… Then maybe a tradeback in the 4th (where we currently hold the 2nd pick)… Then we might have enough picks to fill all our needs.

    • Brooks Dunn-Winston

      Post count: 565

      No, my scenario is “no trade backs.”

      I WOULD in fact like to trade back.

    • jerseybucsfan

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      Like the Ostman pick a lot

    • Spartan01

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      No trade backs:

      1 – G – Quenton Nelson
      2 – CB – Mike Hughes
      4 – RB – Nyheim Hines
      5 – S – Siran Neal
      6 – DE – John Franklin-Myers
      6 – RB – Ryan Green
      7 – CB – Michael Joseph

    • Buc45

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      I would love that draft but there is a lot of buzz around PJ Hall and I don’t think he lasts until the 5th round.

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