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      NRG Stadium readying for return of artificial turf for Texans-Buccaneers gameBy Aaron Wilson  The Houston ChronicleSeptember 26, 2015 5:19 PMturf1_zpsfczrmf58.jpgturf2_zpsfaxyuo77.jpgturf3_zpsfffjtrac.jpgturf4_zpsqzlqdex7.jpg AstroTurf is laid down inside NRG Stadium in time for Sunday's Texans-Buccaneers game.The installation was conducted over three days, beginning Monday and completed on Wednesday, with testing conducted Thursday along with painting of the lines, hashes and numbers, to ensure that it’s up to NFL game standards.The logos were painted Friday.The Texans’ previous natural grass surface drew criticism from the Kansas City Chiefs during the season opener, including negative comments about discoloration and seams within the tray system.The Texans went to the NFL and received permission from NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent to make the change for the remainder of the season.The field, which is 94,830 square feet, will now have the AstroHopper Panel Conversion Process by AstroTurf. It consists of 59 AstroTurf panels with 15-foot wide rolls and weighing 310,000 pounds, according to a fact sheet about the conversion process.It’s called the AstroTurf GameDay Grass 3D60, and the primary fiber is made out of a blend of monofilament, polyethylene Horseshoe fibers and polethylene and slit film. The secondary fiber is Texturized nylon RootZone, which holds the rubber infill in place during conversions and play and is designed to protect players from excessive torque transmitted to knees and ankles, according to research from Michigan State University.The infill consists of 200,000 pounds of  “high-performance ambient rubber, the equivalent of nearly 20,000 car tires, which would otherwise be dumped in

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      Gotta change the turf on us. They scared.

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