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    • TB-BucFan4Life

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      If Brady returns I’m sure the Bucs will break the bank on new players. What is our most glaring needs and who would you like to see the Bucs bring in?

    • kingtrojan

      Post count: 191

      same thing it has been for the last 5 yrs a secondary and a LT

    • MichaelMyersIsABucsFan

      Post count: 792

      Need to replace every DB.

    • BadabingBucs

      Post count: 1237

      I mean honestly should run it back

      Went 13-4 and was riddled with injuries

      This team is a super bowl talent level. Doesn’t need much but needs health

      We have wirfs and Godwin, it’s a different story

    • Ramonb

      Post count: 747

      We can’t simply allow teams to throw on us at will and with great ease….whatever fixes that, whether coaching scheme, DL, or DB changes I don’t care, I’m all for it.

    • Detrimental

      Post count: 1617

      This secondary stinks man. Full strength today and still got shredded just like week 3. SMB aint the answer long term and JPP time has come to an end.

      Edge or CB round 1 at 27

      Our DL just didnt get home like we needed them to. Gotta get some pass rush juice inside and out.

    • pewtergirl2010

      Post count: 37

      #1.. legit #3 WR
      #2..TE if Gronk leaves than we need more than 1.
      #4. Kicker
      #6.. another DB
      #7.. LB.

    • creamsicles

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      This team is built on its offense and needs Brady to have a shot at the SB. I can’t see Brady returning unless we maintain a strong OL and restock some weapons. I think he’ll require that we keep at least one of our OL FAs (I.e. Jensen), sign a starting WR (I.e. Godwin or Robinson), sign Gronk, sign a starting RB (I.e. Fournette or White), and draft another playmaker in the first 3 rounds.

      Depending on what tricks are used, that may eat up most of our cap, and we’ll need to use depth/draft picks/ bargain FAs to replenish lost starters on the defense.

      The good news is that our division is in disarray and the Saints/Falcons have worse cap problems. Most contenders will struggle with the cap beyond the Chargers, Bengals, and Colts (who thankfully are in the AFC). I think the NFC South will be the weakest division in football which will make us heavy favorites to win the division. In this scenario, I could envision us making some cheap in season transactions to bolster the team, similar to the 2020 signings that transitioned us from a very good team to a great team (and the 2021 Rams).

      We should be SB contenders next year in this scenario as long as Brady and our OL stay healthy. Brady can beat anyone when he is protected… I believe we would have beaten the Rams with a healthy Wirfs and Jensen.

    • DaTruff

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      We have 22 free agents and possibly no Brady. Our window was this year and it has shut.

    • m_j

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      it all depends if brady comes back for another year or not. brady coming back would imply gronk possibly coming back as well etc. in that case I would sign lenny, tag godwin and check what else is possible

      if brady retires then it all obviously depends on who is going to be under center. with trask or blaine it all doesn‘t matter, with some good FA anything is possible


      Post count: 3920

      Rb is high up there.

      Only vaughn is signed.

      #2 WR behind evans(if we lose godwin)


    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 2262

      -JPP replacement is Tryon. Need another DE
      -Need a TE, Howard is gone
      -Need a RB, RoJo is gone. Is Gio under contract?
      -need a WR or 2. The ones we had are made of glass.
      -need a DB cause ours are always injured

      We’re still a championship caliber team. The injuries this season were stupid cursed, all season long.

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