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    • creamsicles

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      1. RT is vulnerable (even if Wirfs plays)
      2. Ramsay reduces ME13 effectiveness
      3. Rams safeties are vulnerable
      4. Donald needs to be doubled

      I see Donovan Smith as the key to this game. If he can handle the edge without much help, we should be able to scheme the help needed for Donald and RT. Our TEs could be huge through the seams and behind the vacated CB slots. I’ve given up on Howard, but if there was ever a time that we could use him, it’s in this game. Splitting Gronk out could be a huge mismatch in our favor. OJ could kill with delayed releases after blocking support. Excluding Ramsey, the Rams DBs are smaller and could be exploited with big bodies. Speaking of, I’d try to pass to Evans whenever Ramsey isn’t shadowing him. We should win that mismatch.

      A strong run game would be great, but their rush defense is stout and I especially don’t see it happening with a reduced Jensen and RT. I suspect the RBs will do their most damage in the pass game and blocking support.

      The Rams D has similarities to ours. They are strong against the run and need to pressure the QB to help their secondary. If Smith plays well and we can minimize the inside pressure breakdowns, I trust Brady to pick them apart methodically.

    • kenntak

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      The key will be picking them apart with short passes, and trying to run the ball. The Rams are not good at stopping short passes over the middle, and Brady is great at that.

    • VTBucs

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      The Oline as a whole will need to be on their A-game. The Rams move Donald all over the line to take advantage of matchups. And don’t forget about Floyd who has 9.5 sacks.

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