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    • Ronald Mac

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      Current Projected Cap: 180 million
      Current Cap Space: 24 million


      QB Tom Brady – Adding a 3rd year to his current deal saves us 2 million on the 2021 cap.

      OT Donovan Smith, C Ryan Jensen, and G Ali Marpet – adding extensions and minimizing their 2021 cap hits would save around 12 million.

      P Bradley Pinion – Pinion makes 2.8 million, signing a suitable replacement would save us around 1.5 million.

      Reduced Salary:
      DL William Gholston – Set to make 5.5 million in 2021, Gholston will need to settle for a salary closer to 3 million or walk.

      Draft Night Trade Bait:
      TE OJ Howard (see below) – Trading OJ isn’t ideal, but is necessary to keep everyone else in red and pewter.

      Estimated Savings: 24 million
      Estimated Cap Space: 48 million

      Franchise Tag: WR Chris Godwin – We will likely tag Godwin, meaning he will make around 15 million this season, considering the market will drop a bit in 2021 due to the cap limitations.

      OLB Shaq Barrett – Sign Shaq for 4 years, 72 million (18m/year). His cap hit for 2021 would only be 10 million. 2022 would be 22 million. 2023 would be 23 million. 2024 would be 22 million. The first 3 years and 50 million dollars are guaranteed.

      ILB Lavonte David – Sign Lavonte at 4 years, 40 million. 2021’s cap hit would be 6 million (12m in 2022, 12m in 2023, 11m in 2024). The first three years/30 million are guaranteed.

      DL Ndamakong Suh – Suh appears to be on board with returning in 2021. He won’t take peanuts, but 4 million should be the most we would commit to the cap in order to bring the valuable veteran back to the trenches.

      TE Rob Gronkowski – Gronk isn’t playing anywhere else but Tampa. And he made it clear he doesn’t intend to go hang em up again this off-season. Of all the big-name free agents, I expect Gronk to be most willing to accept a lower offer, laden with incentives, to return in 2021. Similar to Suh, 4 million is the most I expect to see next to Gronk’s name when it comes to the 2021 cap.

      Remaining Cap Space: 9 million – This should be enough to sign the bottom level of the roster, and our draft picks.

      1 TRADE – QB Mac Jones
      * OJ Howard, pick 32, and a 4th go to the Jets for pick 23. This allows us to leapfrog Pittsburgh and New Orleans to land Mac Jones and gives us the cap room we need to finalize our budget for 2021. Bruce Arians has been on record with his love for Mac Jones. Having an heir apparent at this stage of Brady’s career is imperative to sustaining success when 12 rides off into the sunset. Who better for a rookie QB to learn from than the goat?

      2 DL – Daviyon Nixon – Adding a big, dominant defensive line talent like Nixon is critical with this likely being Suh’s last year. The futures of Rakeem Nunez Rochez and Steve McClendon are uncertain as well, though I suspect at least one of the two will return on a team friendly deal. Still, we need someone to take over for Suh in 2022 and beyond. I think Nixon could be a great player. One who may not make the splash plays, or garner all-pro accolades, but does the dirty work and makes life easier for guys like Shaq Barrett and Devin White.

      OLB Ronnie Perkins – When on the field, Perkins is a beast. His pass rushing ability is highly evident and he shows the ability to play the run well also, making him a well rounded prospect. The reason why he could slide close to day 3, despite being possibly the top edge rusher in the draft, is due to off field issues. Perkins has struggled with drug use, which has kept him from being a top 10 pick this year. Despite missing on Noah Spence in 2016, who had similar concerns coming out, I think the tail end of the 3rd round is fair territory for a guy who could be an elite sack master in the NFL if he gets his priorities straight.

    • Roy

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      Good effort, but I have to downvote it because there is too much wishful thinking here.

      Starting with O-line. These guys who are going to be able to cash in as FAs next year like Smith and Jensen are going to want to wait until next year when the cap is larger. It will be tough to get team friendly deals right now with them.

      Barrett for $18 mil is not going to happen. He is an unrestricted FA who will get $20 mil, some of it may get pushed out to 2022 because of the expectation of a bigger cap next time.

      Gronk and Suh for $4 mil each? You are pulling that out of thin air, because there is nobody who thinks they will sign for that cheap. Not gonna happen.

      David your essentially saying a three year deal for $30 mil. If you put a fourth non-guaranteed year on there it means nothing, because he’ll never see that money. Just my opinion hes’ going to get $12 or $14 mil per year for three years from somebody.

      Mac Jones lasting until 23 is wishful, and besides the Bucs are not going to trade up for a player who’s not going to play next year using a player who can be a stud next year if he can stay healthy. Not to mention Nixon isn’t going to last to the bottom of Round 2.

      It would all be good if it could happen, but it can’t so it isn’t.

    • buc_boi

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      OT Donovan Smith, C Ryan Jensen, and G Ali Marpet – adding extensions and minimizing their 2021 cap hits would save around 12 million.

      @hockey duckie

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      Very well written plan, but there is no way they draft a QB in the first round when other needs are more pressing. Edge rusher, DT or O-Line are the positions that need to be shored up. And a good one of those will be available at 32.

      I do see them drafting a project QB late in the draft. Perhaps an Ian Book or Shane Buchelle to sit and learn for a year or two under the GOAT.

    • Ronald Mac

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      Update: everything is on track with free agency. But draft wise I’ve had a change of heart.

      Forget the trade. We keep OJ. Brate takes a huge paycut or has to go.

      1 – OLB Ronnie Perkins
      2 – DL Daviyon Nixon
      3 – RB Chuba Hubbard
      4 – QB Davis Mills
      4 – TE Brevin Jordan

      QB Brady, Gabbert, Mills
      RB Rojo, Vaughn, Hubbard
      TE Gronk, Howard, Auclair, Jordan
      OT Smith, Wirfs, Wells
      WR Evans, Godwin, Miller, Johnson
      G Marpet, Cappa, Stinnie
      C Jensen
      OLB JPP, Shaq, Perkins, Nelson
      DL Suh, Vea, Gholston, Nixon, O’Connor
      ILB David, White, Minter
      CB Davis, Dean, Bunting, Cockrell, Smith
      S Winfield, Whitehead, Edwards

    • Ronald Mac

      Post count: 40

      Yes… yes… its all coming together

    • Boid Fink

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      Suh isn’t playing for 4 million. Not going to happen.

      Gholston is a value at his salary. He sets an edge well, strong as hell in the fray, big reason why teams get walked against the Bucs trying to run. I don’t expect him to do anything other than sign an extension maybe.

      Nunez Roches has to be in consideration, he did well as time went by. But he is entirely replaceable. Another ox in in middle, slow as hell but a good run stopper.

      Gronk said he wants to test free agency because he has never done it before. I doubt he plays for anything less than what Brate makes. Don’t blame him.

      AB is most likely gone. He lost a lot of money already screwing around, he is trying to recoup that money. He won’t play for 7 million a year. He is going to the highest bidder. I see Baltimore, KC, Jets…all teams he may get better offers from.

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