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    • Live4BUCS

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      The free agent and OJ threads got me interested in actually seeing our roster on paper and Spotrac has a great site that allows you to manipulate the roster and sign free agents.

      This leaves us thin at OLD/Edge rusher which we would need to address in the draft or hope JPP or a FA gives us a discount. We also get Brady’s boy James White which should make our offense completely unstoppable. Donovan Smith takes a bit of a paycut for one more run at the SB. Also a few other discounts/paycuts. All seems reasonable

      Transactions Log (HIDE)

      Released William Gholston
      (Saved: $5,500,000)
      Released Cameron Brate
      (Saved: $6,500,000)
      Released Jason Pierre-Paul
      (Saved: $7,500,000)
      Released Justin Watson
      (Saved: $920,000)
      Lavonte David signed as a free agent
      (Cap: $14,000,000)
      Rob Gronkowski signed as a free agent
      (Cap: $6,637,500)
      Chris Godwin signed as a free agent
      (Cap: $17,000,000)
      Mike Evans cap hit changed from $16,637,500 to $16,637,500
      (Saved: $0)
      Leonard Floyd signed as a free agent
      (Cap: $11,000,000)
      James White signed as a free agent
      (Cap: $4,500,000)
      Released Ryan Jensen
      (Saved: $10,000,000)
      David Andrews signed as a free agent
      (Cap: $4,000,000)
      Donovan Smith cap hit changed from $14,250,000 to $12,500,000
      (Saved: $1,750,000)
      Tom Brady cap hit changed from $26,625,000 to $22,625,000
      (Saved: $4,000,000)

      NFL Team Roster & Salary Cap Manager
      Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021
      # Player Pos. Age Expires 2021 Cap Figure
      1 Tom Brady QB 44 2022 $22,625,000
      2 Chris Godwin WR 25 $17,000,000
      3 Mike Evans WR 28 2024 $16,637,500
      4 Lavonte David OLB 31 $14,000,000
      5 Donovan Smith LT 28 2022 $12,500,000
      6 Ali Marpet G 28 2024 $12,025,000
      7 Leonard Floyd OLB 28 $11,000,000
      8 Devin White ILB 23 2024 $8,170,222
      9 Rob Gronkowski TE 32 $6,637,500
      10 O.J. Howard TE 26 2022 $6,013,000
      11 Vita Vea DT 26 2023 $4,716,803
      12 James White RB 29 $4,500,000
      13 David Andrews C 29 $4,000,000
      14 Tristan Wirfs RT 22 2025 $3,688,188
      15 Bradley Pinion P 27 2023 $2,800,000
      16 Ronald Jones II RB 24 2022 $2,250,154
      17 Sean Bunting CB 24 2023 $2,011,636
      18 Antoine Winfield Jr. S 23 2024 $1,660,724
      19 Carlton Davis CB 24 2022 $1,397,809
      20 Alex Cappa G 26 2022 $1,118,426
      21 Jordan Whitehead S 24 2022 $1,086,815
      22 Ke’Shawn Vaughn RB 24 2024 $1,080,909
      23 Jamel Dean CB 24 2023 $1,061,713
      24 Mike Edwards S 25 2023 $1,055,545
      25 Anthony Nelson OLB 24 2023 $1,043,760
      26 Scott Miller WR 24 2023 $881,960
      27 Tyler Johnson WR 23 2024 $858,605
      28 Khalil Davis DT 25 2024 $823,303
      29 Cam Gill OLB 23 2023 $788,333
      30 Brad Seaton T 27 2023 $660,000
      31 John Franklin WR 26 2022 $660,000

      Dead Cap
      # Player Pos. Age 2021 Cap
      1 Jason Pierre-Paul OLB 32 $5,000,000
      2 M.J. Stewart CB 25 $444,204
      3 Matt Gay K 27 $162,886
      4 Justin Watson WR 26 $75,437
      5 Chapelle Russell LB 24 $59,952
      6 Raymond Calais RB 23 $57,378
      7 Jack Cichy ILB 25 $36,344
      10 Zach Shackelford C 24 $10,000
      9 John Molchon G 24 $10,000
      8 Zack Bailey G 25 $10,000
      13 Reid Sinnett QB 24 $6,667
      12 Benning Potoa’e DE 24 $6,667
      11 Parnell Motley CB 23 $6,667
      17 Nasir Player DE 24 $3,334
      16 Nick Leverett G 24 $3,334
      15 John Hurst WR 24 $3,334
      14 Michael Divinity Jr. LB 24 $3,334
      18 Javon Hagan S 24 $2,000
      19 Travis Jonsen WR 24 $667
      20 D’Cota Dixon S 26 $334
      23 William Gholston DE 30 $0
      22 Cameron Brate TE 30 $0
      21 Ryan Jensen C 30 $0
      Cap Totals

      Total Available Cap:
      Dead Cap $:
      Offensive Cap $:
      Defensive Cap $:
      Special Teams Cap $:
      Total Team Cap $:
      Cap Space:
      Total Savings:

    • Detrimental

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      Godwin is not going to make 17m this year. That is an absurd amount of money for someone who has one 1,000 yard season. He is a good WR but he is not Mike Evans good. I think 13-14 a year gets it done.

      • Live4BUCS

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        I agree that’s a lot of money and you probably are correct on salary range, esp with the amount of really good FA WR’s. That’s good, now we can sign another depth DL.

    • Live4BUCS

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      This exercise is even more fun when you go into the Saints roster and try to somehow get them under the cap. I’ve literally cut 10 of their highest salaried players and they are still 30mil over the cap.

    • RHBucsFan

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      Ugh. What’s our depth chart look like after all these changes?


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      Gronk at 6.6? Pass. 3 or 4 id be interested.

    • JC5100

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      Every year people cant wait to cut Gholston but every game he’s bullying offensive linemen.

      • Live4BUCS

        Post count: 461

        I’d likely bring Gholston in this scenario, I was mainly just trying to get a big picture of what our team could look like and from here we can adjust. Gholston coming back as depth is probably one of the first things I would do.

    • Greattimes

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      Most NFL teams have salary cap problems in 2021, but a few others (Jacksonville, Miami) have cap space to sign free agents. Godwin could get a fat offer from Miami or Jacksonville.

      • Live4BUCS

        Post count: 461

        We could always franchise Godwin since we’re letting Barrett walk in this scenario but you have a good point. I’m wondering how the FA WR market is going to play out, lots of great players there.

    • Sam Ram 33

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      a few things i notice…

      Lavonte David would be too much money at that price… He is a really good player but has faded towards the end of the season… he will be 31 years old… Our D is already not good so why overpay for a player who will soon decline. I don’t want to hear about a great run D… They aren’t a great run D. No team needs to run because the pass D is so bad. The one team that said were gonna run the football was the vikings and they had no problem doing so.

      I would not move on from Ryan Jensen. The guy is a good lineman and i like his attitude. He has 4 penalties and 4 sacks allowed this year. i would much rather let donovan smith go and draft another Tackle and sign another one.

      Gronk at somewhere around 5 million give or take a million is well worth it. He is a heck of a blocker and can still be a threat. Keeping Brady happy is worth it as well.

      James White – Im all for bringing him in however it wont cost you anywhere near 4.5M… He makes 4M currently and has been terrible this year. You shouldn’t have to pay him more than 3M.

      Leonard Floyd is a terrible football player. I live in Chicago, he was awful here Playing in one of the best Defenses in the league… Now he is playing with even more studs with the Rams which we don’t have. It’s a lot easier to get sacks when you have Aaron Donald and a secondary that is making the QB hold onto the ball. We don’t have a CB even close to that. Plus it was a contract year… noooo thank you.

      If you can find a way to keep Brady, Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Brown, Miller, Cappa, Marpet, Jensen, Wirfs…. That would be ideal but i highly doubt Brown comes back since he has proven he can still play and should get some money.. I think James White completes the backfield with Jones and then you need a Tackle and either Howard or Brate.

      The draft should be 100% dedicated to a Tackle and all defense. Carlton Davis is not a #1 cornerback… not even close…

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