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    • Beatles123

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      Watch this! It hits SO much different in context now!! You’d think it were filmed this morning!

      It makes me wonder though: Are we gonna get our actual Super Bowl documentary soon?

    • Timbuc2

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      Love this video!!! Gives me the chills (great chills that is!)

      The thing is, we aren’t done. I give us a great chance to
      repeat because this is one of the closest teams that I have ever
      seen. You could tell by the boat parade that they really like one another!

    • kenntak

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      That is a great video, and I obviously really like Jamael Orondé Barber. It also gives me chills, and makes me think that we did something so spectacular, and so memorable. I don’t think there will be another Super Bowl like this.

    • Bucsfan714

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      Awesome thanks for posting! And who the hell down voted that?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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