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    • fbickley

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      I keep seeing players that opted out put in the first round and at the top of lists. Doesn’t that go against the love for football needed to be successful? I get there may be a case or two where a family member was highly at risk, or from an unorganized program, but don’t winners always bet on themselves? I think that only crap scouting departments will make those mistakes

    • leeroybuc93

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      Lol, no.

    • jnnanan

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    • TCB2W!

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      Memphis RB Kenneth Gainwell lost 4 members of his family to covid. Are you really going to knock him for not wanting to possibly give it to more family members by playing?

    • Trask Force

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      I don’t think they should be faulted for staying out. They don’t owe their teams anything. College football is a business. Those who are preparing for the NFL have to do what’s best for their careers. The only reason any NCAA teams played this season was financial. You can make a case that playing would have better prepared them for their career, but I don’t buy into the idea that they should have played to help their team or that they let down their team. Jamie Newman for example transferred to Georgia and never played a down. Did he owe Georgia anything? No he didn’t. But because of injury and opt out he has very little experience, and he’ll likely be on the inactive list every week in the pros. How will he ever be ready to play?

      So in hindsight was it was a good decision for players to hold out? That’s a legitimate question. But do they deserve to be marked down for bailing out on their team? No.

    • BucBalla85

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      If you got the talent your gonna get picked. Can’t hold it against players not wanting to play in the conditions and uncertainty about all of it.


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      Not only first round, top 10.

      Jamar Chase iirc? LSU WR.

      When you’re that talented, sometimes its a smart business decision.

      Look at Jadeveon Clowney. Almost sat out a year. Way before covid.

      He would’ve been the top pick regardless, but had he suffered a career ender at SC, his life would be completely different.

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