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    • SwarmingDefense

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      I honestly think Patrick Peterson will come to the Buccaneers on a very team friendly deal.

      I’m not sure who he bumps out of the way. But playing safety or nickel seems very likely.

    • Bucman

      Post count: 1198

      Not worth it. We need to see what we have in SMB and Dean. Both guys have 2 years left

    • jcaulfield8

      Post count: 747

      No need. Our cbs will continue to develop. Get our passrush back and we are a top 5 unit without him

    • Pennywise

      Post count: 10095

      They don’t need him and no chance he will be a buc

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 1832

      Hard pass. He’s not needed and we have other guys that we need to pay instead.

    • BeachBumBuc

      Post count: 69

      Agreed. Unless there is a major injury to one of our corners or safeties we should hold off

    • buccnation

      Post count: 1355

      If he’s super cheap then sure for depth but I don’t think he’s starter material anymore really.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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