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    • Brooks Dunn-Winston

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    • Cerious

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      Awesome! That just pushes Guice, Michel and RJ2 more closely to or next pick!

      Keep the WTF picks coming NFL!!!

    • Anonymous

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      Guice now the 4th rb at best. Like I was saying, dude is overhyped on this board.

    • Defense5599

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      Penny was a major reach. Late second round at best


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      Couldn’t believe he went that high.

    • The Anti-Java

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      Good RB IMO.
      He is the only RB in the draft with as many yards inside the tackles as outside the tackles. Most of the other RB’s are either good inside or outside but not both.
      I am not a big Guice fan, dude makes Dougy look like an altar boy.
      I guess I would roll with Little Chubb with one of the 2nd rounders if available.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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