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    • Vance

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      Seems like we have the upper hand in that category. Do you guys think it will play a factor in our game against the Packers? My other question is coaching. Who do you think has better coach?

    • TBChucky

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      LaFleur is a smart offensive mind, but overall I believe we have the better coaching staff. More experienced. They showed they can put together a decent game plan when they get out of their own way, and use the players to their strengths.

    • xbucsx_4_xevax

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      I want the bills to beat the Chiefs cuz quite frankly I’m sick of them in the mid-west and if we beat the Packs we’d have the experience category over them also which would mean a ton… I like the odds


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      Brady>Rodgers will play a factor, absolutely.

      Also up until this year id be terrified of Lambeau in January!

      Not anymore. Brady has been there, done that.

      Rodgers still has week 6 in the back of his head, & i don’t blame him one bit.

      Still has nightmares about it as well, im sure!!

    • Mic

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      It really matters about players playoff experience and to be frank we got our jitters out wildcard week.

      We go up early packers are gonna be flustered and pressing, they know what happened last time and I know we’re still in there heads. Be the more physical, smarter team, without turnovers and we’re gonna take their wills out of the game like we did in NO.

      Our Oline and Dwhite are an intimidating bunch.

      • Diehard Astheycome

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        Agree with Mic , and it relates to OP post.

        We can NOT turn it over. I dont see Rodgers doing it. One turnover could be the season. This worries me probably more than anything.
        With GB the favorite “ supposed “ to win, and the pressure of that. It can definitely take hold of the game if they are dominated early by our oline. They watched Montgomery and Akers run over them but didn’t fear the QB. They know though Trubisky or Goff let alone no WRs couldn’t beat them. Not the case Sunday. It’s why they pray on weather to help.

        Regarding the run game and Oline.
        For a month I’ve said “what if “ Tampa goes on a stretch of letting the O Line go out and win upfront and prove to the world this line is no joke. This would show teams we can attack n play any style. Then play action and a clicking passing game becomes even more deadly.
        The playoffs are proving it and against two top defenses. I think the grit and warrior mentality in Marpet, Jensen n Wirfs had been overlooked while the passing games identity got figured out. The run game was there the whole time.

        It MUST be unleashed this week AGAIN . Green Bay trying to fool everyone that their different from years past. No.. their offense with new coach is better in year two. It was coming into week 6. ARod best 4 game career stretch. That’s it!! Schematically protection will better than week 6. However we can make changes to how to attack as well. Still can’t change one on one matchups.
        Their WRs on our DBs is the only matchup they win. We can’t get in a shootout. Cus to me they are the underdog with a punchers chance.
        If we use the run and play much more physical that becomes the blows to the body that set up the KO late. We just can’t get caught into trying to KO in 1st rd cus that could play into their strength.
        Wear them down and just see who’s got more will and warrior inside. I’ll take my guys over there’s any day.

    • TBChucky

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      It’s priceless the experience the whole team is gaining. We have a good amount of young starters on both sides. For them to not only reach the postseason, but have success should serve them well for the rest of their careers. As well as the team.

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