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    • Pewter Pirate

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      On the boards can you get back to the topic posts changing to a new page after hitting a certain number of posts. The one very long continuing thread does not work well. Especially where two posters air their personal differences for 20 posts in a row.

    • Team Pteranodon

      Post count: 785

      Agree, gave up on game thread because the arrow seems to go to the middle somewhere then got to scroll forever. User defined page limits.

    • Mic

      Post count: 1915

      Don’t they also get more ad revenue form clicks?

    • Roy

      Post count: 4083

      I like the pages as well so you don’t have to scroll down from the beginning if you are on page 51.

    • Bucsfan714

      Post count: 59

      The multiple quotes in a post drive me nuts…

    • Hockey Duckie

      Post count: 1533

      The multiple quotes in a post drive me nuts…

      People just simply need to highlight what they want to respond to and select the quote button. This will only focus on what you want to continue to discuss while not including the other cited quotes. I found this function out recently via Biggs3535. Also, doing this way doesn’t include the up/down votes, which takes up unnecessary space.

    • BucHarbour

      Post count: 122

      The one continuous page is a hot mess. It’s also very taxing on your browser if the thread is really long. The whole site update is a pain. They got rid of the need to click on the “Read” button for the main stories, but now you can’t right click and open them in a new tab. Not sure who’s doing the website coding, but this kind of functionality is so late 90’s.

    • Buc on the Move

      Post count: 1522

      Absolutely awful.

    • blind melon

      Post count: 506

      I do like the look and added features…</p>
      <p>they’ll figure out the bugs

      Would have loved to get our true post counts back. Wishful thinking I guess.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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