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    • Mark Cook

      Post count: 2414 takes a look back at Tuesday’s pre-draft press conference and makes a number of observations from what general manager Jason Licht and Lovie Smith had to say regarding the upcoming draft. Will Tampa Bay draft need first? Is Johnny Manziel in play? Would Tampa Bay consider actually trading up?

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      No real news was expected from the PC, but it damn sure gave me a ton of confidence in these two guys.  Especially after how the killed it in Free Agency.I am guessing, JUST LIKE FA, initially we may not understand the moves/pics...  It will come to us fans eventually.  We can officially now say the draft is this Thursday.  PR - I hope this board is ready for it.  Maybe limit thread making during the round and have one active thread for each round during the round only?  Don't allow other threads to be made posted?  We can back to the normal batching and complaining once each round is done...  :)

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