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    • creamsicles

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      I believe this team needed Shaq (at “reasonable price”) and LVD back to make another run for the next 2 years. I’ve loved Godwin since the combine and wanted to draft him in the 2nd round, but don’t think we should allocate so much of our cap to 2 WRs in the long run.

      My current priorities for Bucs are (in order of priority):
      1. Sign Suh or adequate replacement (this is our largest remaining hole)
      2. Sign Succop
      3. Draft DL/Edge and OL in first 2 rounds
      4. Sign Gronk (he gives offense tons of flexibility)
      5. Sign a cheap pass catching RB (2.5 mil or less)… there are many available and Vaughn had too many fumbles/drops/mistakes to hand him the job without competition
      6. Sign Gabbart
      7. Sign Godwin to a multi-year deal that will give us the flexibility to trade him in future years if we need the cap for other priorities (i.e. Carlton Davis, Vita Vea, OL, DT) and get back a high draft pick(s).

      Some things I’d like if cap dollars work out:
      1. Sign McLendon or Nacho
      2. Sign AB to a contract below 5 mil… he’s a huge value if he walks the line
      3. Let Fournette walk- he deserves a higher paycheck
      4. Extend Davis if he’s willing to accept a “reasonable” contract that benefits him by negating injury risk to his first “big” contract
      5. Draft a developmental QB

      Assuming we sign Suh’s position and a pass catching RB, it will be so nice to enter a draft uncuffed from immediate need picks and in a good position to potentially add draft capital from needy teams wanting to trade.

    • m_j

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      gronk and succop, suh if possible. james white should be a target on outside

      I also thought we must sign blaine but we don’t. if something happens to tom season is over anyway

      there are quite a few other guys we should resign, small cap hits but nfl team can never have enough depth. this free agency is far from over

      • creamsicles

        Post count: 634

        the Gabbart signing isn’t designed for a Brady injury that knocks him out for the year… it’s meant as insurance if he’s out 3-6 games with a smaller injury and we need to win a few of those.

    • BucBalla85

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      Probably Suh or Succop. All about building depth from here.

    • ratiffshabang

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      Suh should be a huge priority. I know he past his prime but his presence was instrumental on this team. We haven’t had that “nasty” dlineman since Sapp, and you can clearly see when we haven’t had it in years past. We don’t know if we can get a full season of Vita, making Suh that much more important on the line. Truly need to find some dlineman and edge rushers in this draft

      • BuccaNOLEer

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        We definitely need Suh back. But like you said, he is past his prime, so DT is a much of a need as edge rusher in the draft.

    • Team Pteranodon

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      Post gronk and the team is broke again, which is not to say more restructuring can’t be done, but it looks more like suh is the guy not getting his usual 10m. Can’t keep everybody so I’m fine with a much cheaper nacho resign or somebody else. I think we’re in cheap veteran ring chaser territory for filling the roster at DT and RB, which is something that should absolutely be leveraged as much as possible.

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