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    • Stagger Lee

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      As posted previously, the GOP exists in an ideologic cul-de-sac. Losing the policy battles for years, The GOP has been forced to embrace suppress votes, gerrymander districts and, most importantly, court the “basket of deplorables.”

      But the GOP recently pulled back the curtain on itself. Did you see it? Did you see the GOP admit that they think MAGA are idiots, but know they need their vote? It should be clear as day now BASED ON TWO VERY RECENT VOTES.

      In any public, registered vote, GOP in Congress vote to appease MAGA. Simple example: the PUBLIC vote for removing Marjorie Taylor green. When asked to put their name on it, only 11 GOP in Congress voted against MAGA. The rest supported Greene even though they know she is a loon.


      However, in private, secret vote, where they INTENTIONALLY decided to NOT require GOP to “put their name on it.” So, how did it go? well, “the overwhelming majority of House Republicans voted on a secret ballot to keep Cheney in power: 145 Republicans voted against the resolution calling on her to step down, while just 61 voted for it, according to sources with knowledge of the tally.” This after she not only voted for Trump’s impeachment and laid out her reasoning, BUT SHE ALSO OPENLY REFUSED TO APOLOGOIZE for the vote.

      IN PRIVATE, fu…k MAGA

      IN PUBLIC . . never miss a chance to throw the red meat

      the GOP makes use of the “basket of deplorables” in order to hold on to some power from the cul-de-sac

    • Roy

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      The Republicans are still knee deep in the muck. They won’t stand up to Trump, because they’re still afraid of him. Trump is just laying in the weeds waiting for his opportunity to get back in the game. He’s waiting to get the chance to reactivate MAGA stronger than ever and all the nonsense and destructiveness that goes with it. We know him. To think he’s just going to fade away is silly.

      The Republican congressmen and senators say they are on board with unity, but they refuse to divorce themselves from this destructive force. Are they afraid for their lives? No. They’re just afraid they’ll lose their paycheck. And they’re keeping America stuck in the mud with them just because of that.

      Its not over.

    • jbear

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    • FireLicht2020

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      GOP are a shit show.

      They are STILL gonna go down with the Trump ship.

      Even now…

      They are that scared of losing MAGA votes.

      Insane but typical…

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