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    • leeroybuc93

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      Granted, these are not traditional stats, but it’s an interesting way to try to single the contributions of the QB out from the contributions of everyone else.

      Ranked by stats on the following categories:
      Most valuable
      Least valuable
      Most aggressive
      Least aggressive
      Most accurate
      Least accurate

      Most Valuable:
      3. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
      QB EPA: plus-38.4 (13th)
      Team EPA: minus-87.9 (24th)
      QB-added value: plus-126.4
      Winston’s third season was not great, but he still finished 13th in EPA despite missing three games to injury. The bigger problems in Tampa Bay were a poor running game, as Doug Martin failed to crack 3.0 yards per carry for the second year in a row, and the defense finished 32nd in DVOA. Out of the 28 quarterbacks/teams studied, Winston and Cleveland’s DeShone Kizer were the only two who had a defense (26th) and special teams (21st) both ranked 20th or worse in EPA last season.

      Most Aggressive:
      3. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
      2017 ALEX: Plus-2.9
      Winston joins Wentz and Rodgers as the only quarterbacks to throw their average third-down pass more than 10 yards down the field last year. This has been a fairly consistent part of Winston’s three-year career in Tampa Bay. He finished fifth in ALEX in 2016 (plus-3.0). The addition of DeSean Jackson did not really help the offense last season (plus-11.4 ALEX, but a 25 percent conversion rate), but Winston still has a deep receiving corps to work with.

      Most Accurate:
      3. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
      C%+: 4.5 percent
      Winston actually set a lot of career-highs in passing in 2017. One of the main reasons his C%+ was so high is that he threw the deepest passes in the league, at an average depth of 10.3 yards. He also was efficient with almost every player he targeted, save for departed running back Doug Martin (minus-20.7 percent C%+) and deep threat DeSean Jackson (minus-0.1 percent C%+). With O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin entering their second seasons, Winston could be poised for even better numbers once he returns from serving a three-game suspension.

    • DonkeyHunter

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      Who were the Top-10 in each category?

    • GottaJaboo

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      Good to see someone picking up on this. If two things happen, we have a QB that we can build around for years to come (he’s 16 years younger than Brady). Increased redzone execution and less turnovers.

      Winston puts more pressure on opposing Ds than almost any QB in the game. When you play risk reward football and not nancy small ball, there is a learning curve that is to be expected. It’s apparent he is learning.

      Thanks for sharing.

      GoldsonAges on 2nd round pick, Safety, Justin Evans, out of Texas A&M – “coaching can’t fix this”.

    • GenoaBucs

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      There’s no doubt he can be and elite QB in the NFL, even if his long range accuracy won’t get better. If he can grow up as a man, he will become a better player but has to understand it now because the time for him is ticking.

    • nitey

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      Yeah, saw this on the ESPN insider board and was shocked to see that Jameis was high on all the good lists. I wasn’t surprised to see him on the most Aggressive, but was shocked to see him on the most Accurate.

      I’m sure his agent is cutting this one out and pasting it in his negotiation scrapbook.

    • Madman

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      Thanks for posting. The deep ball looks improved as does his release. Sky’s the limit for him if he can improve his on field and off field decision making.

    • Jr.3

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      IMO the only thing that is holding Winston back from being elite is his turnovers. Ever since the Atlanta game on Monday night JW has been on fire (the Saints game he was forcing the ball to Evans) . If he plays like this when he comes back in week 4 with a improved kicker and hopefully a defense that can get some stops in the 4th quarter I think we are a wildcard team.

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