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    • leeroybuc93

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    • Buc on the Move

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      Doesn’t seem like dysfunction to me…just playing it safe in the first year on the job.  He did make a living getting information from leaked sources for the last umpteen years.

    • BP1

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      They have already heard everything their scouts have had to say. Now they have to sit in a room by themselves in order to develop a draft plan.

    • LIBucsFan93

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      Every team does this. Scouts are rarely in the loop past a certain time in the draft process. Unless some new information surfaces that needs clarification the scouts job is done at this point.

      This is merely Sports media adding to the drama that is the NFL Draft.

    • leeroybuc93

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      Okay, that makes sense. I read it as they didn’t know which scouts to trust as far as evaluations go so they “cleared the room.” Like they’re starting over in the evaluation process… which would be insane.



    • Bootz2004

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      Yea this is hardly dysfunctional. Why would you want a ton of eyes, ears and mouths clued in on your draft plans and strategy? Especially when it’s the head coach and GM who make the final decisions and almost always are the scapegoats if things don’t go to plan. Non-story.

    • Roy

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      Once your draft board is set, what do you need the scouts for?  You don’t have time to have a round table discussion about players in the draft room.  You have to know everything there is to know going into the draft.  The scouts job is done.

    • leeroybuc93

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      Combined with other reports this might be leaning more towards dysfunction than standard operating procedure. We dodged a bullet when Gruden went to the Raiders.

    • Tampa Bay Todd

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      Don’t see anything wrong here. Scouts have turned in their evaluations and given input. Now it’s Gruden and Mayock’s job to take that info and create draft plan.

    • flashgordon

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      I noticed Mayock trending on twitter, so I checked it out and learned of this early in the morning. I saw one tweet mention some team, maybe last year, who’s draft was seriously compromised by leaks. I forgot which team, and I’m not digging it out of twitter.

      Bobby Blue Bland I Pity The Fool (1961)

    • Anonymous

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      Sources: #Raiders coach Jon Gruden and GM Mike Mayock sent their scouts home for the weekend and they are not expected to return by draft time. The belief is they don’t know who to trust and wanted to clear the room.

      — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 19, 2019

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      Watch the Raiders screw up their draft by doing something like drafting a kicker from FSU in the second round.


      Now that’s dysfunctional isn’t it?


      Oh wait.

    • BucFanFromATL

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      I’m pretty sure sports journalist, commentators, and television/broadcast personalities etc get a lot of their information from “sources within the organization” and usually those sources aren’t the highly paid GM’s/President’s/Owners/Head Coaches and Coordinators… Those sources are the regular salaried employees within the front office buildings that are privy to information…

      I would surmise that Mike Mayock knows where he got a lot of his reliable draft day information… and it’s usually from the scouts who spend 365 days per year scouting players for their respective franchises. The scouts most of the time don’t know who the team is going to draft but they know the group of players and positions that have had the most focus and attention placed on them…

      so… The scouting work is done. There is no more information a scout can provide at this hour that is going to change a draft board. There is really no reason to have them in the room where the only thing they will be able to gather is information about who you’re going to draft and leaking that information to the media.

      The Raiders have a lot of premium picks so there’s no reason to have valuable information leak as to what their plans are with those picks.

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