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    Mark Cook

    Submit your own Bucs Battle Plan and the staff will vote next week on our favorite and the winner will receive a $50 gift card to Ford’s Garage.

    Submit your Battle Plan in this thread. And the contest will end next Monday night at midnight. You don’t have to necessarily list every single single detail as we did in ours, but you must fit under cap, list cuts, trades, free agent signings, draft picks and 53 man roster.

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    submission time table?

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    How do we submit it? Post on the red board?

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    Mark Cook

    Yes submit on the board in this thread. Contest ends next Monday at midnight.

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    Defense – We either keep McCoy or keep Beau Allen for depth purposes, but don’t cut/trade both. Address depth in the draft, and draft McCoy’s replacement earlier if he ends up a cap casualty (I would hate for that to happen). Cut M Unrein and Gholston for cap space. Draft a LB to replace Beckwith, who sounds like his NFL career may be over, sign K Minter again for depth. Franchise Alexander or let him test FA first. T Matheiu will be the premier FA signing, one of the few the Bucs sign this offseason, and add an inexpensive CB via FA who can start at CB1 or CB2 with Davis unless Hargreaves proves his really good game against the Saints in game 1 last season (until his injury) was not a fluke and resign Elliot on a 1 or 2-yr deal and promote him to starting slot CB. Have Stewart back up Mathieu at SS.

    Offense – Cut Dotson (Hate it, but is he worth what he’s making at this point in his career?), sign Smith to a 4-yr deal with performance incentives (It’s the cheapest and most realistic move), draft a G (Ben Powers?) to compete with Cappa at RG, or try to sign Iupati if the cap space is there, and move Benonoch to RT adding another lineman for depth during or after the draft. Draft a DE (Zach Allen?) and RB in the middle rounds. Hate to say it, but we can’t afford Hump, and we’ll need to draft or sign a FA WR for depth while promoting Bobo or Watson to slot receiver in Hump’s absence. Trade Brate to Seattle, AZ, or Detroit for additional draft picks, and draft a TE in the late rounds for depth. Don’t resign Fitzy, keep Ryan,  and sign another journeyman QB in FA or draft one in the 5th or 6th round (assuming we pick up a 6th rounder or another 5th rounder).

    Special Teams – Sign Cairo again while trying out other kickers. Cut Angers and tryout some FA punters.

    For any remaining depth holes, pick up some JAGs or promote from the practice squad.

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    Bucs trade Desean Jackson to the Oakland Raiders for their 3rd round pick. #66 overall.


    Beau Allen, Demar Dotson, Will Gholston, Mitch Unrein, Bryan Anger, and Evan Smith. After the trade of Desean Jackson and the roster cuts bucs will have approximately $51.3 mil in cap space.


    Donovan Smith -4yr contract ($44 mil) 11 per year.

    Adarius Taylor LB- $1.5 mil

    Kevin Minter LB-$1 mil

    Cairo Santos- $2 mil (3 year $6mil contract)


    Peyton Barber-$3 mil

    Andrew Adams-$1.5 mil

    DeVonte Harris- $1 mil

    After re-signing our own players the Bucs have approximately $30.3 mil for free agents


    Tyrann Mathieu 3 yr $21 mil

    Mark Ingram 3 yr $12 mil

    Morris Claiborne 3yr $13 mil

    Ramon Foster 1yr $3 mil

    Brett Hundley 3 yr $3 mil


    Bucs trade 5th overall pick to Jacksonville for their 7th overall and their second round pick. Round 2 pick 38.

    1(7 JAX)-Devin White, LB, LSU

    2(38)-Jaylon Ferguson, DE, LA Tech

    2(39)- Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State

    3(66 OAK)-Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama St

    3(70)- Max Scharping, OG, NIU

    4(107)- Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois

    5(145)- Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson

    7(215)- Gardner Minshew. QB, Washington State



    Jamies Winston

    Brett Hundley

    Gardner Minshew


    Peyton Barber

    Mark Ingram

    Ronald Jones

    Andre Ellington

    Shaun Wilson


    Mike Evans

    Chris Godwin

    BoBo Wilson

    Justin Watson

    Hunter Renfrow


    OJ Howard

    Cam Brate

    Antony Auclair

    Tanner Hudson


    Donovan Smith

    Ali Marpet

    Ryan Jensen

    Ramon Foster

    Tytus Howard

    Alex Cappa

    Caleb Benenoch

    Leonard Webster

    Max Scharping


    Gerald Mccoy

    Vita Vea

    Jaylon Ferguson

    Khalen Saunders

    Stevie T


    Carl Nassib

    Jason Pierre-Paul

    Kendall Beckwith

    Noah Spence


    Lavonte David

    Devin White

    Adarius Taylor

    Kevin Minter


    Morris Claiborne

    Carlton Davis

    Vernon Hargreaves

    Ryan Smith

    Amani Oruwariye

    DeVonte Harris


    Tyrann Mathieu

    Justin Evans

    Andrew Adams

    Jordan Whitehead

    MJ Stewart


    K-Cairo Santos


    LS- Drew Ferris



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    Ok. Here goes.

    I’m not going through the salary aspect of the plan because I don’t have the tools at my disposal. I will be doing mine from Memory and my knowledge of football and of the Bucs.

    Let me begin by saying what a fan I am of Mark Cook’s plan because he says OL is an issue, then prioritizes fixing it and does what he can to help the defense through free agency. Also, I want to give a personal thank you to Trevor for being so great to us fans in terms of being open to conversation on social media and always being respectful and relatable.

    As for my plan.

    Cuts and FA:

    I don’t believe in Kwon Alexander like others might. I personally have always thought that he misses way to many tackles and isn’t that great in coverage. For the money, going young, or going with someone better would be my preferred choice. That’s why to replace him, the Bucs should go get CJ Moseley. Make him the highest paid MLB in the league. The guy is worth it. Also, CJ is a proven MLB in a 3-4. It just makes all the sense in the world to me. Kwon is not only not as good, but much smaller and doesn’t have the experience in the scheme. This would be the biggest move in my plan. Definitely the biggest move as far as cuts and FA.

    Keep McCoy and Dotson. Both I’d be looking to replace in the draft, but depth is important. One more year for them to teach the young guys. Also, they can help rookies make a smooth transition which would go a long way into helping the team.

    Franchise D. Smith. He’s not terrible. He’s not amazing. But coaching may put a fire in his rear end. Really, only tenacity is keeping him from being great. He’s gotta stop the loafing though. That just hurts to watch as a fan.

    Sorry Hump fans. He can walk. WR core needs a speed guy. A guy that can take a jet sweep the distance. I love Hump too honestly, but just as a Bucs fan, not from a football scheming perspective. Defensively, I’m not losing any sleep trying to figure out how to stop Hump.

    Brate. I love Brate too, but I’d use him to try to trade for a 4th round pick. There are quite a few teams that need a good TE, so I’d even try and get a 3rd. But lets say I trade him for a 4th round pick in this scenario. That’s an extra pick for the draft.

    Besides that, keep Minter, keep PBarber.

    Cut Desean Jackson, cut Conte, cut Webster, cut Grimmes (lol), cut Fitzpatrick. Cut Allen. Cut Gholston. Cut Evan Smith. Cut Mitch Unrein. And a few other cuts and/or releases that aren’t as big a deal.

    Keep the Kicker. Keep the Punter. Yea yea I said it.

    Bucs should be looking to add another S, another CB, another G, another DT and ofcourse another RB. Those are the most important positions of need in FA after signing CJ Moseley. Trying to get the best at each position while not breaking the bank for these positions should be the strategy.

    With that being said in my plan bucs sign:

    CB Kareem Jackson

    S Adrian Amos

    DT Malcolm Brown

    OLB Shaquil Barrett

    All of whom should be starters except Brown who would be a depth signing.


    Draft time

    1st Round

    OT Jonah Williams or OT Juwaan Taylor. This would be the replacement for Dotson. Dotson would become a legitimate backup that could backup both sides. Also, a trade back here for either is absolutely doable. But in this plan, I’m just turning in my pick for Jonah Williams.

    2nd round pick

    OG. Best available OG. This would be the best spot to upgrade the RG position. At this point. The right side of the OL will be 2 young guys yes, but they’ll be high investments and can grow together and hopefully build a bond.

    Lets me stop for a sec… this is a tremendously important decision. Improving the OL not only helps Jameis have more time. It opens the run game and helps the RBs. It helps the coaching open the playbook. It helps the defense by keeping them off the field. And it helps us fans by winning games. Ok I got that out of the way.

    3rd round pick

    RB. Best available RB. The offense of the team is the strength. But they can’t score in the redzone, they can’t run on short yardage plays, they can’t pound the clock. Peyton Barber is good not great. RB right here may put the team over the top on offense. Yardage is nice. Points are better.

    4th round pick

    Defense. Best available.

    4th round pick (via Brate trade)

    WR. Speed guy. Speed guy. Speed guy. Weapon guy. End arounds. Jet sweep. Reverse plays. Keep the defense guessing guy.

    5th-7th round pick

    Defensive depth.


    Now for my way too early starting line up. No way I do the entire roster lol.

    QB Jameis

    RB Barber and Rookie

    TE OJ and Auclair

    WR Evans Goodwin and Watson

    LT Smith

    LG Marpet

    C Jensen

    RG Rookie

    RT Rookie Jonah Williams


    OLB Shaquil Barrett, Noah Spence

    DE Gerald McCoy

    DT Vita Vea

    DE JPP (this would be best spot for him)

    OLB Carl Nassib

    ILB CJ Mosely (yes please)

    ILB L David

    CB Davis

    CB Kareem Jackson

    Slot VH3

    SS Adrian Amos, J Whitehead

    FS Evans


    As far as evaluation of this roster I put together. Clearly the defense still has obvious holes. But the offense on paper would be stacked. Jameis would be given his best chance to succeed. Excuses over. The run heavy coach of Bruce Arians would be happy. And what do you stop? It would be the best offense by far the Bucs have ever had, just on paper alone.

    As far as the holes on defense. Noah Spence would need to prove himself. In coverage especially. But mainly to prove he can play with the big boys. Nassib is solid. Nothing special. The inside would be the strength. JPP and Gerald are capable of creating chaos from the inside DE position. And Vita would love the opportunity to clog the run. And move bodies. CJ Moseley should thrive behind Vita. And so should David. Lastly, in this pass happy league, no CB or S ever looks good, but the Bucs would still be evaluating those positions for the long term.

    Thank you guys.


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    With $16 million in cap space, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will need to make some cuts to free up some space for younger players.

    Cuts: Gerald McCoy DT (or trade) $13 mil

    DeSean Jackson WR (or trade) $10 mil

    Beau Allen DT $5 mil

    Demar Dotson RT $4,803,125

    Will Gholston DT $3,750,000

    Mitch Unrein DT $3,750,000

    Bryan Anger P $3 mil

    Evan Smith OG $2 mil

    With these cuts we’ll have $61,303,125 in cap space to work with

    Players retained:

    Kwon Alexander MLB 5 year $40 mil

    Donavon Smith LT franchise tag $14 mil

    Peyton Barber RB 1 year $2 mil second round tender

    With $37,303,125 to play with in free agency


    Tevin Coleman RB 4 yr $20 mil

    Landon Collins SS 5 yr $45 mil

    Morris Claiborne CB 2 yr $8 mil

    Jason Verrett CB 1 yr $3 mil

    Mike Iupati OG 2 yr $6 mil

    Matt Bryant P 3 yr $6 mil

    John Brown WR 2 yr $8 mil

    With $10,303,125 left for the draft class

    NFL Draft

    Rd 1: DT Christian Wilkins

    Rd 2: RT Yodny Cajuste

    Rd 3: OG Beau Benzschawel

    Rd 4: RB David Montgomery

    Rd 5: LB Drue Tranquill

    Rd 7: QB: Jake Browning

    I’m sure the Bucs will make some trades in the draft and probably won’t do this battle plan but this is what I feel we need to get to the next level, attack the trenches and let them make time for the skill players around them to make plays.


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    Current State of the Buccaneers

    Currently the Bucs are at about $16 million in cap space according to after releasing Vinny Curry.

    Tampa’s offense finished 1st in passing(320.3 yds/game), 3rd in total yards (415.5/game), but 12th in points scored (24.8/game) and 29th in rushing(95.2yds/game). The passing attack was potent when it had to be and there’s talent is everywhere except right guard. With renewed focus on running the ball from run game coordinator Harold Godwin and an upgrade to the right side of the offensive line, the Bucs will be more balanced.

    On defense, the Bucs allowed a league worst 110.9 QB passer rating to opposing QB’s last year. Tampa finished 31st in points allowed (29.0/game), 27th in total yards allowed (383.4/game), 26th in passing yards allowed (259.4/game), and 24th in rushing yards allowed (123.9/game). The Bucs finished 31st in turnover ratio (-18) and tied for 26th(9) in interceptions.

    The priority this offseason is on balancing the offense and rebuilding the defensive front seven. Bruce Arians deserves to keep the pieces he needs to employ his system to win now.

    The new scheme under Todd Bowles calls for 3-4 one gap penetrating style with pressure from the front seven. After reviewing his depth chart from the 2018 NY Jets, he has a front seven that consists of: LDE, NT, RDE, ROLB, RILB, LILB, LOLB.

    The success of the scheme is predicated on pressure and disruption up front. It all starts up front with blitzes and pressures coming from anyone in the front seven, but especially in the QB’s face up the middle. Pressure up front creates opportunities for turnovers on the back end and Tampa’s young secondary grows up in a big way in 2019. Carl Nassib went out in coverage with RB’s a few times last year with success. His height and awareness make him a great candidate to tip passes near the line of scrimmage, especially as a stand up LOLB. While most speculate JPP in a stand up role at ROLB, he excels with his hand in the dirt and will line up as a RDE or 5 Tech.


    The Bucs are widely expected to shop veterans Gerald McCoy and Desean Jackson. They buck the conventional wisdom and keep the best “smoke” player in the NFL last year(#1 YPC) for Arians scheme with D.Jax returning at a bargain rate of $10 million. They do trade GMC and his $13 million salary to Buffalo for a 6th round pick(#181). This puts the Bucs cap space at $29 million.


    To make room for the players being targeted in free agency, the Bucs release  Unrein($3.75m), Anger($3m), E. Smith($2m), Pat O’Conner($600k), Tanner Hudson($600k), Sergio Bailey($495k). This gives the Bucs $39.45m in cap space.

    The team may move on from Kendall Beckwith after suffering a non football injury. His salary of $844k will go back to the cap if released. This would increase the cap to $40.29 million if released.

    Unrestricted Free Agents

    Adam Humphries, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jacquizz Rodgers, Kwon Alexander, Devante Bond, Garrison Sanborn, Michael Liedtke are not retained.

    LT Donovan Smith – $11.5 mil ($46 mil/4yrs. 2 yrs guaranteed)

    Ryan Griffin $1.25 mil ($2.5 mil/2yrs)

    Adarius Taylor – $1.5 mil

    Kevin Minter – $1 mil

    Cairo Santos – $1 mil

    Restricted Free Agents

    Exclusive Rights Free Agent I. Johnson not retained.

    RB Peyton Barber – $3m/1yr

    CB Javien Elliott – $1 mil/1yr

    Free Agents

    CJ Mosley 9.5 mil ($38 mil/4yrs. 2 yrs guaranteed) – The leader of the 3-4 defense. He brings experience in this attacking system from perennial powerhouse Baltimore.

    Mario Edwards – $1 mil


    Rookie pool expected to be approx. $9 million according to ESPN.

    #1 AZ Kyler Murray. Trades Josh Rosen to New England for their 3rd round compensatory picks.

    #2 NYG(trade SF) Dwayne Haskins. Outbids Jacksonville to move up and draft NJ native and eventual Eli Manning replacement.

    #3 OAK(trade NYJ) Nick Bosa. Moves up one  spot to secure Khalil Mack’s replacement.

    #4 NYJ Quinnen Williams. Clean player, highly productive, perfect need and BPA.

    #5 BUCS DE Josh Allen-Kentucky. Trading down is always an option, but this DE could be best in class and if he’s there, you take him.

    Rd 2 #39 – OG Chris Lindstrom-Boston College

    Rd 3#70 – CB Amani Oruwariye-Penn State

    Rd 4 #107 – OLB/ILB Te’Von Coney-Notre Dame

    Rd 5 #145 – RB Daryl Henderson – Memphis

    Rd 6 #181 (from Buffalo) – C/LS Alex Eberle – Florida State

    Rd 7 #215 – P AJ Cole – NC State

    53 Man Roster


    Jameis Winston, Ryan Griffin


    Peyton Barber, Ronald Jones II, Daryl Henderson, Andre Ellington, Shaun Wilson

    Wide Receivers(5)

    Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Chris Godwin, Justin Watson, Bobo Wilson

    Tight Ends (4)

    Cam Brate, OJ Howard, Austin Auclair, Donnie Ernsberger

    Offensive Lineman(9)

    LT Donovan Smith, LG Ali Marpet, C Ryan Jensen, RG Chris Lindstrom, RT Demar Dotson, RT Caleb Benenoch, RG Alex Cappa, OL Cole Boozer, OG Ruben Holcolmbe


    LDE(3)-William Gholston, Beau Allen, Demone Harris(LDE/RDE depth)

    NT(2)-Vita Vea, Stevie To’ikolovatu

    RDE(2)-JPP, Mario Edwards

    LOLB(2)- Carl Nassib, Te’Von Coney

    LILB(2) – CJ Mosley, Adarius Taylor

    RILB (2) – Lavonte David, Kevin Minter

    ROLB(3)- Josh Allen, Noah Spence

    CB(5) – Carlton Davis II, Amani Oruwariye, Vernon Hargreaves III, Ryan Smith, Jadavion Elliott

    SS/FS(4) – Whitehead, Justin Evans, A. Adams, MJ Stewart

    K – Cairo Santos

    P – AJ Cole

    LS – Alex Eberle



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    @ja crispy : You didn’t include the rookie pool which was over 9 million before you added a 2nd and a 3rd. You’re over the cap.

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    So i adjusted Donovan Smith’s and Morris Claiborne’s contracts to free up $5 million. Bringing the cap to about $11 million. Enough to sign the draft class. Boom easy fix. In Licht we trust!

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    CUTS:  DJax, Beau Allen, Dotson, Gholston, Unrein, Anger, and Evan Smith.  Saving about 33m in cap space for total of 49m to spend

    RESTRUCTURES:  Lavonte, Brate, and GMC saving another 8m in cap space for a total of 57m to spend.

    RESIGNINGS:  Kwon 4 years 24m, Barber 1 year 2m, Adams, Taylor, and Minter sign 1 year 1m dollar deals, Donovan Smith 4 years 44m.  I say the Bucs lock him down now.  I think Smith will improve greatly under the new staff and even if he doesn’t become the rock solid LT he can move to the right side if the Bucs find their rock at LT.  Decent linemen are hard to find so it makes sense to lock him into a long term deal.  Adam Humphries 4 years 24m.  Slot receivers are on the field more than ever these days.  To me Hump is essential to keeping.  He is skilled, smart, tough, versatile, and most of all he is clutch.  With Evans and Godwin on the outside and Hump and O.J. inside is ideal and they all compliment each other perfectly.  Good luck opposing defenses.  After those signings the Bucs are left with about 29m to spend in free agency.

    FREE AGENT SIGNINGS:  Tyrann Mathieu 3 years 18m,  Matt Bryant 2 years 4m, and TJ Yeldon 1 year 3.5m

    DRAFT:  Bucs trade the 5th pick with Denver for their 10th, 41st, 148th picks and next years 2nd.  Broncos are desperate to jump in front of the Giants to select their franchise QB and might even give up more for the fifth overall pick.

    Round 1 pick 10:  Montez Sweat.  This team needs edge rushers.  JPP is great but he’s getting old.  Nissib showed us he’s starter material but after that there’s what?  Spence?  If JPP goes down the defense is screwed.

    Round 2 pick 39 G Chris Lindstrom.  No explanation needed.

    Round 2 pick 41 CB Trayvon Mullin.  Team obv needs help at corner.  Mullin has good size, he’s quick, experienced in multiple coverages, presses well, and won MVP in the title game.

    Round 3 pick 70 T Yodny Cajuste.  Need a tackle after cutting Dot.

    Round 4 pick 107 WR Hunter Renfrow.  Not sure what Watson and Bobo have to offer so the Bucs add more WR depth.

    Round 5 pick 145 DT Daniel Wise.  Kid was a beast at Kansas and is force in the interior.

    Round 5 pick 148 DE/OLB Wyatt Ray.  High motor and got better every year.

    Round 7 TRADE ALERT.  Bucs trade pick for QB Drew Stanton to back up Winston.


    2 QB: Winston, Stanton.

    5 RB: Barber, Rojo, Ellington, Yeldon, Oganbowale.

    6 WR: Evans, Godwin, Hump, Renfrow, Watson, Wilson.

    4 TE: OJ, Brate, Auclair, Hudson.

    8 OL: Smith, Marpet, Jensen, Lindstrom, Cajuste, Cappa, Benenoch, and Webster.

    4 DT: GMC, Vita, Wise, and Stevie T.

    4 DE/OLB: JPP, Nissib, Spence, Sweat, and Ray.

    5 ILB/Off ball backers: David, Kwon, Beckwith, Minter, and Taylor.

    5 CB: Davis, Mullin, Smith, Vernon, and Elliot.

    5 S: Tyrann, Evans, Adams, Stewart, and Whitehead.

    1 K: Bryant.

    1 P: No clue lol.

    1 LS: Ferris

    Im at 51 players.  Good enough for now.

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    Jon Miles

    Ok, so I spent about 6 hours total working on this Battle Plan & hope that you guys like it. It’s 3 pages long little over 1500 words so with permission from Mark Cook I’ve linked the article I posted this on our website on Siege The Bay. So Click the link & Enjoy! GO Bucs! #Bucs  My version of the battle plan here

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    (Copied from the thread I started a week ago)

    I participated in a mock off-season (including draft, free agency, and post-draft) over on the For The Sports forum where I was lucky enough to manage our Bucs. Thought I’d share the results here. All teams were bound by cap numbers on Spotrac when cutting/adding players. I also guessed we’d be transitioning to a 3-4.

    Pre-Draft Cuts:

    – Desean Jackson (No trade partners)

    – Vinny Curry

    – Beau Allen

    – Mitch Unrein

    – Bryan Anger

    – Ryan Smith

    – Evan Smith



    – Gerald McCoy

    – Lavonte David

    – William Gholston



    – ERFA Tender for Isaiah Johnson and Michael Liedtke

    – Transition Tag for Donovan Smith (nobody made an offer so he was retained for less than the franchise tag)


    Free Agency

    – Sheldon Richardson: 4yrs $26 million

    – Deone Bucannon: 2yrs $10 million

    – Adam Humphries: 4yrs $32 million

    – Eric Berry: 3yrs $18 million

    – Markus Golden: 1yr $2 million

    – Spencer Ware: 1yr $2 million

    – Jason Myers: 1yr $3 million

    – Ryan Hewitt: 1yr Vet Min


    – Kwon went to the Raiders for 9 million a year


    Draft Trades

    – TB #5 for DEN #10/72/114/150 (Allen, Williams, Bosa all unavailable at #5).

    – TB #147 for OAK #151/222/239



    – 1.10 CB Greedy Williams, LSU I was hoping either Ferrell, Oliver, or J Williams would fall but they didn’t so I opted for Williams who I considered BPA.

    – 2.39 OG Chris Lindstrom, We have a huge hole at RG and Lindstrom should be able to step in from Day 1.

    – 3.70 RB Damien Harris, I wasn’t comfortable with RoJo being the only back in town so picked up someone to compete with him (signed Spencer Ware post draft on the cheap as depth).

    – 3.72 OT David Edwards, Probably not a Day 1 starter at either LT or RT, but a bit of an insurance policy for the oft injured Dotson and the inconsistent/overpriced Smith.

    – 4.108 EDGE Carl Granderson, Intriguing pass rusher with good length who might have some potential as an outside linebacker in a 3-4

    – 4.114 QB Tyree Jackson, purely a potential pick and back-up to Winston. I don’t think he’ll pan out as a professional, but his tools make him worth a gamble for sure at this point in the draft. Dallas’ GM was super keen to grab him so had to snag him here.

    – 5.150 EDGE Sutton Smith, highly productive but undersized rusher in the NCAA. May have some potential as a developmental pass rusher. Reminds me of Elvis Dumervil.

    – 5.151 DT Daylon Mack, stout at the point nose tackle for depth.

    – 7.219 CB Jordan Wyatt, worth a flyer in the 7th.

    – 7.222 EDGE Ronheen Bingham, productive at the college level but longshot to make the roster. An extra body should we move to a 3-4.

    – 7.239 OT Joe Lowery, Depth behind Smith/Dotson/Edwards or practice squad developmental type.


    – UDFA P Jack Fox (I cut Anger so we need someone to compete in camp)

    – UDFA DT Albert Huggins (Behind 2 first rounders at Clemson, potential)

    – UDFA ST Valentine Holmes (Australian rugby player training as part of the international player program)


    Projected Depth Chart

    – QB Jameis Winston | Tyree Jackson

    – RB Spencer Ware | Damien Harris | Ronald Jones

    – FB/TE Ryan Hewitt

    – WR Mike Evans | Justin Watson

    – WR Chris Godwin | Bobo Wilson

    – WR Adam Humphries

    – TE OJ Howard | Cameron Brate | Antony Auclair

    – LT Donovan Smith | Joe Lowery

    – LG Ali Marpet | Cole Boozer

    – C Ryan Jensen

    – RG Chris Lindstrom | Alex Cappa

    – RT Demar Dotson | David Edwards | Caleb Benenoch


    – DL Sheldon Richardson | William Gholston

    – DL Vita Vea | Daylon Mack

    – DL Gerald McCoy | Carl Nassib

    – DE/OLB Jason Pierre-Paul | Noah Spence | Sutton Smith

    – ILB Deone Bucannon | Jack Cichy

    – ILB Lavonte David | Kendell Beckwith

    – OLB Markus Golden | Carl Granderson | Ronheen Bingham

    – CB Carlton Davis | MJ Stewart

    – CB Greedy Williams | Jordan Wyatt

    – CB Vernon Hargreaves

    – S Justin Evans | Isaiah Johnson

    – S Eric Berry | Jordan Whitehead


    – PK Jason Myers

    – PN Jack Fox

    – LS Zach Triner

    How would you feel if this was our actual off-season? One thing I learned is that trying to organise free agency and the draft is pretty damn tough, but I had a lot of fun and it’s interesting to see the type of roster you can put together, albeit unrealistically in some cases.

    If PR would like me to write this up for publication in the same style as the others I’d be happy to. I have a BA in Communications/Journalism from the U of Technology Sydney (Australia) and numerous bylines throughout the years.

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    Trade or cut
    D Jax10
    Trade or keep/restructure
    G-Mac13, Brate7
    Beau5, Unrein3.75, Gholston3.75, Curry8(already)
    Don’t resign
    Hump (unless under 8m), Kwon (unless under 8m), anger(unless restructured cheap)
    Free agent adds
    Cb starter, s starter, og starter, wr3-4, dL depth, p, kk(maybe santos not too bad)
    5-if top 3 gone, trade back pick up extra 2nd or more. I’d like to see starting caliber OT, OG and BPA def in first 3 picks any order if we do trade down. If not, we go big 3 def first and OG BPA second.

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