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    • Vance

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      Vita Vea before we actually drafted Vita Vea .. in 2017 DT Stevie Tuikolvat or how ever you spell his name… wonder what he is doing?.If I remember right he was 300 lbs maybe 290 lbs.

    • BuccaNOLEer

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      He was living in a van down by the ocean before he was drafted. He was placed on injured reserve in 2017 and waived with an injury settlement in 2018. Hopefully the little bit of coin he made bought him some nicer digs.

    • seekpar

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      You sure you’re not talking about Matt Foley the motivational speaker?

    • 3rd String Kicker

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      He posts on Twitter still, mostly USC/College Football, Some Bucs retweets and occasionally political things. Sounds like he is doing alright for himself.


    • leeroybuc93

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      They both have long names. That’s about the end of any comparison.

    • Natural Selection

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      Wouldn’t mind another late round NT of if Khyiris Tonga from BYU falls.

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