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    • PatsfanrootingforBucs

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      I’ve seen a couple of mentions of this on here. Just an fyi, nosebleeds are already going $1200 minimum and lower section red seats are $7500. Those are today’s prices and they are only going up. Once week 3 is completed and Brady is confirmed to play those prices will only skyrocket from wherever they are at that time. The company I work for owns 3 tickets in lower section in corner of end zone. I told the owners today about this info and that they are crazy not to sell. NE is already going nuts over this game and exactly how the fans will react. Tom Brady SR called in to local radio today unannounced (98.5 sports hub) to talk to Scott Zolak about how the Bucs will be 4-0 after this game.
      Im sure it’s up on the website if anyone wanted to listen. Just wanted to let you guys know….


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      1200? Where?! Im seeing 1400 lmao.

      Only will go up.

    • LIBucsFan93

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      Heck I paid half of that to Watch my Bucs and Brady all season. I’ll be happy sitting at home for a heck of lot less come week 4 thank you

    • m_j

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      got to be sick to pay that money for a regular season game

    • kenntak

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      I am concerned that this game may be a distraction for the game that is more important a week earlier – at the Rams. That NFC game will be crucial, as the Rams will be seeking a Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

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