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      Possible Destinations For Former Saints OLB Junior GaletteThe Big Easy Believer by Gene Higginbotham 1h ago  jr_zpslnuimeea.jpgAlthough the New Orleans Saints released outside linebacker Junior Galette due to off the field issues and reported problems within the organization, you can bet that won’t stop him from finding a new home.I’d be willing to bet that as soon as the news broke Friday, several teams began to inquire about the outspoken pass rusher. Galette still has to pass a physical which then will make his release official but he’s probably already getting ready to make the free agent tour that wasn’t supposed to happen until years down the road.He will have to convince teams that he’s not who’s being portrayed in the media or as the “cancer” in the locker room that some Saints players saying he was.Also I’m fully aware that many in the Saints fanbase, and local media as well, think that due to a huge Twitter rant by a user with the handle “Gorgeous Gal” will hurt Galette’s chances of going somewhere.The speculation is the account allegedly belonged to either a female friend of the pass rusher or was being manned by Junior himself due to some of the “inside information” including personal jabs towards current and former members of the Saints organization as well as the local media.As I mentioned this is alleged with no real proof at this time that it was Galette — and the account has since been been deleted.So please stew over the screenshots you took of the Twitter exchange all you want and let your Black and Gold blood boil over, because there’s going to be some team that overlooks some of the baggage just to have his pass rushing ability.jr1_zps0tvncj9n.jpgOct 13, 2013; Foxborough, MANew Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette (93) during the first quarter against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Saints 30-27. Stew Milne-USA TODAY SportsI went around to the 31 other teams and used depth charts from to see how those teams are sitting with their current options and also if I thought they could possibly deal with the potential issues that may come with signing Galette.Looking at the two positions he’s played, outside linebacker and defensive end, whatever team picks him up will likely use him as the Saints were starting to which is strictly as a pass rusher which I’m leaning towards him playing defensive end.While Galette has a good feeling that he won’t face a suspension for the domestic case, nothing is officially announced yet by the NFL.There’s also the issue of the now infamous beach brawl video that is alleged to show Galette striking a female with a belt and if that would involve any league discipline.A suspension would give teams some pause in signing him, but ultimately someone would just as the New England Patriots did with cornerback Brandon Browner when he had to sit out four games for a suspension last year.For some teams, the chance to land a player with Galette’s pass rush ability would be too good to pass up.With that in mind, there are possibly seven destinations throughout the National Football League where Galette could end up, and I’ve broken down all seven of them for you in these next few pages.Oh, and by the way —– yes, that includes him staying in the NFC South.So, with that in mind, here are the Possible Destinations For Former Saints OLB Junior Galette; starting with………1.  ATLANTA FALCONSjr2_zps6nwt6p1l.jpgWhew, let’s go ahead and get this one over with.  The possibility that Galette becomes a Falcon is very real.The Falcons currently have Kroy Biermann and Adrian Clayborn helping man the ends — and both have dealt with injuries.Biermann is trying to return to form after missing the 2013 season due to a torn Achilles tendon and didn’t look like himself in 2014.He did have six sacks but three of those came against a putrid Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive line.Clayborn has not lived up to his 2011 first round draft status and really has only played two full seasons after suffering season ending knee injuries for the 2012 and 2014 season which is largely why the Buccaneers let him walk.His last full season in 2013 got him six sacks but rated him a -13.6 on pass rush and -3.5 against the run.New head coach Dan Quinn came from a dominant defense that excelled at rushing the passer so it would make sense for them to take a look at Galette.Not to mention, that Quinn in all likelihood would be able to make Galette a bookend pass rusher, opposite of the heralded rookie, Vic Beasley  — and of course, the added plus that it would infuriate Saints fans.2.  JACKSONVILLE JAGUARSjr3_zpsxqhnzctt.jpgThe Jaguars have been a snakebit franchise for over a decade and that’s putting it mildly, with some of their struggles reminding me of the lean years for the Saints.Fans watched as their team snagged one of the most coveted pass rushers in the 2015 NFL Draft in Dante Fowler Jr., only to see him tear his ACL in a simple drill at their first practice.It’s no doubt that the team is beyond being in “win now” mode if that’s possible and certain things like Galette’s behavior can be overlooked when that desperation grabs hold.At defensive end they currently have Chris Clemons and Tyson Alualu trying to live up to the confidence the front office has given them.Clemons signed a huge free agent deal with Jacksonville in 2014 and while he had eight sacks, he didn’t grade well in pass rush(-7.8 or run defense(-8.1).Alualu isn’t being called a bust by the Jaguars but he surely hasn’t done anything to reassure the doubters about being chosen tenth overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.In his five years in the NFL Alualu has registered a total 13.5 sacks, which Junior almost had in one season, and his pass rush is absolutely terrible.The Jaguars have shown that money is no object(they actually re-signed Alualu to a 2-year, $6 million dollar contract this year) so they have the pockets and the need to sign Galette.3.  MINNESOTA VIKINGSjr4_zpsiud1zz9y.jpgHead coach Mike Zimmer is looking to make his defense in the Twin Cities what he had when he was the defensive coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals.Everson Griffin has the right defensive end locked down most likely but it’s the left side that could use some help.Brian Robison had the worst year of his career in 2014 where he only registered four sacks with two of those coming against weak teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Washington Redskins.He graded out poorly in both pass rush with a -8.3 and in run support with -6.7, which the Vikings are hoping is a fluke.Behind Robison is rookie B.J. Dubose who was a sixth round selection for the team out of Louisville.Zimmer has always been able to relate to players and pull the best out of them when he was in Cincinnati while also remaining very frank and open.I vividly remember in 2009 him getting his Bengals defense ready for a practice and when injured linebacker Rey Maualuga, who wasn’t participating, tried to join in Zimmer ribbed him by saying, “Hey what’s up hurt guy?  I don’t talk to hurt guys.”For Galette it could be the wake up call he needs and the pass rush that the Vikings are wanting.4.  NEW YORK GIANTSjr5_zps6n3zpd6b.jpgThe Giants have had an eventful past few weeks involving one of their pass rushers in Jason Pierre-Paul.He was involved in a fireworks accident on July 4th that lead to him having to get his right index finger amputated.Although the Giants had placed the franchise tag on Pierre-Paul, reports were that the Giants had offered him an extension and then quickly pulled it after the accident.Concerns over if he’ll be ready for camp or even be able to play the position with the injury has thrust rookie Odighizuwa Owamagbe and George Selvie into Pierre-Paul’s spot.Owamagbe is unproven and while Selvie is a potent run stopper, his pass rush skills are extremely lacking.Taking a chance on Galette would be a huge gamble by the Giants, but head coach Tom Coughlin is just the guy who could help keep him in line.Considering the options the Giants have though, the gamble could pay off.5.  TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERSjr6_zpsadikj6wm.jpg Oh yes another NFC South team could be in play for Galette’s affections since both of their current defensive ends could use an upgrade.Both Jacquies Smith and George Johnson had seven sacks a piece last year but neither are anything to write home about.Smith has struggles against the run and his pass rush is nothing spectacular and while Johnson faired better in putting pressure on the quarterback, his run support is on the other end of the spectrum.As with the Falcons, if the Bucs were to land Galette there would be a wailing and gnashing of teeth from Who Dat’s and joy in Tampa Bay at the thought of Junior lining up beside defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, with All-Pro inside linebacker Lavonte David lined up right alongside them.The addition of Galette would potentially give Tampa one of the best young defenses in the NFL, and they’d be a hopeful quickly developing rookie QB in Jameis Winston away from becoming a Playoff contender once again.After the last few seasons of not even being able to bust past the .500 mark in wins, the Bucs are looking to revitalize their team and adding Galette’s pass rush could very well do that.6.  SAN DIEGO CHARGERSjr7_zpsyyyulfgg.jpgSan Diego is an intriguing possibility for the simple fact that they were linked recently to trade rumors surrounding Galette after the infamous “beach brawl” video was released.Earlier this month, Big Easy Believer Editor and Columnist Barry Hirstius reported that rumors were spreading like wildfire among the San Diego fan-base and a handful of websites that cover the Chargers (like we do with the Saints), that the Chargers were possibly considering trading for Galette — though it was never confirmed.The Galette Trade to the Chargers scenario actually begin innocently enough as an article by SB Nation’s Bolts From the Blue Staff Writer John Gennaro, who simply was wondering out loud in an article whether or not the Chargers should be in the market for a trade for Galette (assuming the Saints would actually be looking to deal him in the first place), to bolster their lack of a pass rush.As soon as Gennaro’s article circulated, the rumor grew; which is why you saw that other media sites like Fox Sports (in that Link in the purple letters two paragraphs above) begin covering the story.The Chargers aren’t sitting very pretty at their left defensive end position that has Kendall Reyes penciled in at the front. Reyes managed one sack last year and was equally horrendous against the run (-10.4) and rushing the passer (-11.0).That’s not promising for the 2012 second round pick out of Connecticut who has gotten worse the past two seasons.Ricardo Mathews bounced between the left and right end positions last year in San Diego but looking at the results, it really didn’t make a difference. The former Indianapolis Colts 2010 seventh round pick registered 2 sacks and graded out at 0.8 in run support and 2.6 in rushing the passer.Galette could also be used at outside linebacker since they have very little depth past Melvin Ingram who has missed time the past season due to injuries.7.  DALLAS COWBOYSjr8_zpskmhuvlue.jpgLast, but certainly, not least; we come to “America’s Team” (in their own eyes, anyway).We all know that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is notoriously not afraid to throw out the big bucks to land the biggest names in free-agency (which Galette is now), and he definitely isn’t worried about Galette’s reputation — given the fact that he just recently signed former Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy, who was suspended by the League after a publicized domestic violence incident.There’s no way you can convince me that Jones wouldn’t love to add Galette on the side opposite of Hardy (when they’re both actually on the field if not serving time for their likely suspensions), simply just because he can.Putting Galette and Hardy on the field together would bolster a Cowboys defense that just two years ago was one of the NFL’s worst.Speaking of the Panthers, I had thought about adding them to the mix for signing Junior; since they could use upgrades with defensive ends Wes Horton and Kony Ealy — and also since they just lost Hardy to the Cowboys.The only reason I didn’t was because considering the dealings they have had involving Hardy and his domestic situation, I didn’t figure they’d want to chance it again.Of the teams I mentioned, I think the Jaguars would get my vote due to not only their need for a player like Galette, but also their ability to give him a nice contract considering they have $35.1 million in cap space according to Buccaneers are next up with $19.8 million in cap space followed by the Falcons with $16.1 million in cap space.While Jacksonville seems the most logical, if Galette is after money AND revenge on his former team then staying in the NFC South would accomplish just that.jr9_zps04tgrqni.jpgOct 30, 2014; Charlotte, NCNew Orleans Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette (93) yells out to the fans in the final minutes of the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. The Saints defeated the Panthers 28-10. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY SportsMore than likely we’ll see within the next week where the one time fan favorite of New Orleans will end up.And hopefully it will be far from where the Saints will have to face him twice a year…………link

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