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      This is not a gotcha but an honest inquiry.  Revis was a shut down corner we could build around and I agreed with much of what you wrote.  I’m also seeing us sign McCown, Verner, McDonald, and Myers, moves which hopefully  shore up some glaring weaknesses… we now need OL, WR maybe , and another CB.  With another good OL, I can see us fighting for a wild card spot if either McCown or Glennon can do well.  We also have money for  a couple more starting caliber free agents, something e might not be able to do without Revis’ releaseI can see both sides, but given that you wrote the article, I'm curious as to what your initial reaction is...filling a number of other spots or keeping a tremendous player.

      Mark Fisher

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      Looks like trading Revis wasn’t so much a mistake as an impossibility.  No surprise there, really.  When we acquired him there weren’t any other teams bidding against us; we were the only ones willing to give up draft picks to get him, and then pay the salary he wanted.  Stands to reason nobody was lining up to get him when our backs were against the wall.I wonder if we could have kept him till the trade deadline and then moved him, but maybe the team didn't feel like spending $8 million bucks to get a mid-round draft pick.

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