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    • BillyB0B

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      With so many needs filled and Buccaneers a popular place to play football by many NFL Free Agent players thanks to Tom Brady. Should the Buccaneers consider banking their draft picks. Could the Bucs trade their 32nd 1st round pick this year for a 1st round pick next year plus pick up some later round picks this year in the process. Chances are that the pick while not guaranteed as to where the pick would be in the first round would be further up the draft than 32nd. Doing this for the 1st round and 2nd round for a couple of years while we have TB to help recruit free agents might be a way that the Bucs could capitalize even more on having a player like Brady. It would help the Bucs now and into the future. Imagine just how much the Bucs could manipulate the draft for years in to the future by having so many pics to trade to desperate GM’s who are trying to keep their jobs

    • Barnz1

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      No. This team still has plenty of needs depth wise and is running out of ways to free cap space. Depth is needed at OLB, OL, IDL, CB. This will be filled via the draft picks as it is the cheapest way – roughly 2ish mil to sign all our picks I’ve heard.

    • JC5100

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      Build offensive line depth. Double dip a G/C combo at 32 and 64 and you’re ensuring long term success after Brady. And yes they will play on 2021, Bucs had over 700 snaps from backup offensive linemen in 2020.

      Timing had alot to do with the championship. Bucs OL got decimated in the middle of the season and the team struggled. Packers and Chiefs OL’s got decimated at the end and look what happened.

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    • Donkey_Hunter

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      Edge, OG, OC, and DT.

      Do it now. No need to wait.

    • kegan

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      No way! Unless you don’t care about trying to win next year. The talent in the NFL makes every game tough to win. Not many teams can win a Super Bowl back to back. One or two players might be the difference this coming season. Quality depth at every position is almost impossible. The draft gives us a chance to strengthen the team. That is why even after the draft the front office and coaches will be on the phones calling players who weren’t drafted. Believe me…it is not because they have all the good players they need.

    • BucBalla85

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      32 is a good spot to trade down from. If someone offers a lot for 1st I’m taking it. But I like picking there too. Nice to be at the spot after everyone else in the perspective that you can react to the teams you play against and what they did. Still should be good players there at 32.

    • Team Pteranodon

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      Whoever said use the draft to make the team better right now is correct, just look at the restructuring going on, there is no draft for the future option. Start by figuring out what this teams weak positions are. RB? Yes. DB? As much as they drafted there I can’t say outside of Winfield there’s an above average player in the bunch, and no doubt the weakest part of the defense.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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