Smart Draft Strategy that we won’t pursue

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    If Bridgewater is gone when we pick, and we don’t like the other QBs left on the Board when it’s our pick, and we aren’t sure whether Glennon is our guy in any case, why not trade away our 1st round pick in 2014 for some other weak team’s 1st rounder next year? Seems to me this would be the smartest strategy. Granted, some of our vets would all be getting a year older, but we are still at least a year away from competing for a Super Bowl in any case.IF there is no QB we love on the board, why not give Glennon another year to show whether he is a franchise QB, and then come back in 2015 with two high to mid-level 1st round draft picks, which should position us to be able to trade up to get a QB of our choosing in 2015?I wouldn't put the franchise in Clowney's hands -- a guy with Bowers-type motivational issues written all over him. And there is no exceptional OT in this draft either (Matthews is good, but not exceptional). What a franchise needs to win a superbowl is a top-flight QB, and if we can't draft one this year, I think we should position ourselves to draft one in 2015. In the meantime, Glennon may pan out, in which case we can draft other top players in 2015.

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