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    • ratiffshabang

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      Can the kid finally get some love? Came up huge in the biggest games of the season, and had two big pass breakups tonight. I’m clearly his biggest fan, but he was a big reason we made it to the Super Bowl and played well tonight. Im personally very thankful we drafted him, yes even over Greedy.

    • dalbuc

      Post count: 723

      Dude was like a different player in the post-season. Just huge.

    • Alldaway 2.0

      Post count: 4678

      He didn’t play scared and that was the difference. The rookie Winfield’s confidence is always sky high but Murphy-Bunting is starting to trust himself.

      Build the trenches!

    • Tampa Bay Todd

      Post count: 1074

      Criticized him heavily earlier in the season but he sure as hell grew up and improved dramatically when the playoffs started! Much credit to him and the rest of the secondary for coming of age and showing up huge on the biggest stage!

    • buc_boi

      Post count: 3314

      Helped us big time to win a super bowl in our own house

      That’s priceless

    • Detrimental

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      Looked like a different player in the playoffs. Bowles meetings got him right

    • buc-in-out

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      What we are seeing is the young secondary communicating extremely well and playing confidently.

      Did you guys notice all the DBs yelling and pointing at each other and spots during all the pre-snap motion? It was all game long, they’ve bought in.

    • BucD

      Post count: 1099

      Playoff SMB

      He did what he had to do, and then some, when it mattered the most.

    • m_j

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      yepp! noone expected such postseason from him, after season he had! huge respect for how he performed in the playoffs

      no clue about his future however

    • BuccaNOLEer

      Post count: 940

      I was one of the ones who was relentlessly wanting him cut and Licht to be fired for spending a second round pick on him.

      I was wrong.

    • Capt Kidd

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      I saw an interview with Arians. He said SMB was playing hurt most of the season. He built his confidence by telling him “you’re better at 80% than most guys at 100%.”

    • Madman

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      100 percent. SMB was HUGE in the playoffs. Hats off 23.

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