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      I’m playing 18 teams in 18 leagues this season. I’m streaming all my defenses. My first choice was to pick up the Cowboys defense against Miami. If they were already taken by Dallas fanboys, I went with the Buc’s D.

      The Giants are starting a rookie QB, and the biggest threat they possess is the best RB in the league. I think they’ll be mostly one dimensional, and the Bucs will have a few sacks. I think they have the potential to limit the Giants to 10 points or under.

      I’m also starting Chris Godwin as my flex WR in many of my teams. Well, every team I have him on. I think he’ll have a good day with plenty of targets. NFL dot com now gives 1 point per reception, so that factors in as well.

      I only have Mike Evens on 2 of my teams, and He’s been a disappointment fantasy-wise so far. Still, I’m keeping him in. I think he’s ready for a big game.

      I pretty much avoided Evans on most of my teams because of Jaimis Winston. I’m sorry fanboys, but he’s just too erratic and undependable. If Arians is ever run out of town, I believe it will be because of him.

      So to sum this up, I’d start Evans, Godwin, and the Buc’s defense this week. Matt Gay could be a sleeper.

      I’m personally steaming Corolina’s kicker. Where he wasn’t available, I went with Arizona’s kicker.

      And if you’re not streaming your kickers and defenses, you’re not playing to win!

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