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    • Sam Ram 33

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      I know no one knows yet I assume… I am going to be purchasing my SB merch this weekend (there are so many things I want from so many different places, its hard). For the first super bowl i bought the DVD with Brooks on the cover and its great. I watched that before the super bowl. Does anyone know if the one that is currently out is going to be the same as far as recapping all of the games and having extra behind the scenes footage or is the one that is out now just regarding the Super Bowl 55 games? Seems to quick a turnaround to have the full season one done already and just want to make sure… I really want to see the Tom Brady pre-game speech!


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      Haven’t received mine yet but it should be here within a week

    • Greattimes

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      I recorded the game, but would pay to have the game announcers changed to the “Bucs Voice” on a DVD or Blueray.

    • FLASH

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      Is there going to be a set with the full playoff games and the full Super Bowl game? I have that set from the last Super Bowl victory.

    • Bucsfan714

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      Placed my order as well, sadly they split my order and I haven’t received the DVD yet.
      Side note their shirts run small. Need to return for a bigger size and since one was “custom” they don’t take it back. DOH! (nflshop)

    • dalbuc

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      There will be a set but it takes time for them to put the whole thing together and toss in the extras and crap. Love the set for the previous SB but wish it has an option to listen to the losing broadcast team. I love to revel in their sadness.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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