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    • TBChucky

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      Let’s see if Tom can talk him down a few million. I’d definitely welcome him back to the Bay!

    • Team Pteranodon

      Post count: 791

      RB is one position where they can’t spend any real money if we want to keep others, luckily good RBs can be had for cheap these days.

    • JC5100

      Post count: 3287

      He was a dud until the playoffs. Not sure you quantify that contractually. Vaughn has to play next year. Can’t just drafted a RB that high and not have him active getting time.

    • RHBucsFan

      Post count: 2018

      Don’t mess with perfection. I’m 100% in favor of bringing every player back from this championship roster if financially feasible. I’d love to roll with Lenny and RoJo again next year, behind this same o-line!

    • BucBalla85

      Post count: 2387

      See whats possible with restructures and cap space we have. Love Lenny hope he sticks around.

    • adkindo

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      He knows what it is like to be in an organization that is a dumpster fire.

    • buccnation

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      I definitely wouldn’t break the bank. It would have to be cheap.

      I think he will sign somewhere else.


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      Talk is cheap.

      Actions speak louder then words.

      Of all of our FAs Fournette is one of the most likely to be gone.

      He killed it, but RBs are rarely worth 5+ mil. Hes replaceable. Especially behind this o line.

      Barrett is the other we are likely to lose, especially if he’s looking for 10+ mil a year.

      I hope both are back but would prefer to lose either over godwin lvd etc.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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