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    • Madman

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      The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock breaks down Humboldt State offensive lineman Alex Cappa’s film, calling it ‘the nastiest tape’ he’s ever seen.

    • ufcguy32

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      I think licht wanted harrison. And jville just fcked him. I think the plan was cappa at 117 and when we lost out he just went with kappa. I absolutely hope the jags get murdered this year.

    • Timbuc2

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      I’d like to see him come in and take Donovan Smith’s job or at least replace him sometime. He’s had long enough to prove
      himself and hasn’t done a good job at it.

    • ABuccsFan

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      Those were some seriously high words of praise from D.J. and Mayock.

      “For a brief, shining moment in history a select breed truly lived free.”…….Unkown

    • Madman

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      I think he competes at LG.

    • Kodiak

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      He’s going to compete at RG. Marpet is moving to LG. He will start out backing up Sweezy with a chance to win the job. He could play tackle in a pinch but projects inside in the NFL.

    • The Anti-Java

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      Scott Smith

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      26m26 minutes ago

      The Bucs will let Alex Cappa compete at guard first but they think they can eventually train him to play all 5 O-Line spots.

    • Ja’crispy

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      Idk if he will be RG or LG but he’s not playing tackle anytime soon. Which is fine with me cuz with needed help at guard.

    • Northside

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      Like the pick. Ideally they’d try him at both guard spots and we end up with Cappa and Marpet winning the spots.

      If that happens, Marpet should play right. The guy was on his way to pro bowl level play at that position, we shouldn’t keep messing him around.

    • The War Daddy

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      Cappa and Jensen are gonna look like 2 nasty troll brothers out there.

    • Alldaway 2.0

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      This is a best case scenario pick where he can compete at RT down the road but will compete at G immediately.

      Build the trenches!

    • Team Pteranodon

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      He needs to put on about 10 pounds of muscle, but I hope he steps right in with Jensen/Marpet at guard (not like there’s anybody else good there anyways) for no other reason than to have 3 long haired interior linemen, they already look like a power trio.

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